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Media Third and Final Piece of Coursework

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Media Third and Final Piece of Coursework Introduction The third and final advanced piece of coursework was to produce a promotional music video. The video was to last up to five minutes and could be produced individually or part as a group. The practical work on the promotional music video had to be supported by a critical evaluation which consists of 3,000 words. There are vital differences between the foundation and the advanced coursework. Firstly the length of the piece is dramatically different; the foundation coursework only had to be three minutes long, whereas the advanced coursework can be up to five minutes long. The more time used for the video allows there to be critically sophisticated filming and editing techniques. There also has to be a more effective storyboard with efficient time being spent on the planning. The last significant difference between the two would be the motives behind the music video and thriller. The music videos main aim is to entertain and promote, whereas a thrillers purpose is to create tension and be suspenseful. Consequently in the music video there is a post modernist theory highlighted more in a music video, which means that they do not follow a narrative structure nor meaning, as a result, the artistic style may be different from that what is used in the thriller. Out of all of the sections, evaluating the text, could be argued as the most important difference. There are critical theories that have to be evident in the evaluation. This uses any different theories and assumptions in order to analyse and draw results on our work. This was not required in the first piece of coursework. The Original Brief The brief of the advanced coursework is to design, construct and evaluate a promotional music video, which is up to five minutes long. In addition to this promotional music video you will have to provide a three thousand word critical evaluation which includes critical media theory. ...read more.


Therefore, some mid shots were included where we felt they were too many close-ups, so as to not confuse the audience. The band scene also employed a variety of shots so as not to appear tedious and repetitive. We aimed to use various angles to create a dynamic atmosphere for the band scene; shots of the lead singer from various angles were shown in quick succession at one point in the video to emphasize this sense of energy we were trying to convey. In addition, close-ups of the guitars and a crab shot of the lead singer was used to keep audiences engrossed. The filming was shot using two cameras. The first camera used to film the poker scene was a basic camera, however to film the band footage, a High definition sophisticated camera was used; this was to give the impression of a more professional look which would be vital for a band playing. There were many types of camera shots and movements such as slow panning, close ups, crab shots, low angle shots, point of view shots, and over the head shots. There was not much lighting that was used during the poker scene; it was coming from a lamp that was placed away from the action. This was intentional as we wanted to try and give the poker scenes a gritty feel. Just like a film noire film a mixture of chiaroscuro would be used this was to highlight an influential idea in filming history but new for an indie video. During the band shots there was a spotlight in the drama room that focused on the lead singer, this had worked well with the close up shots of the singer (Dan) and shown his passion for singing the song. Colour and mise-en-scene played a very important role within this text. In the shots where the more desirable lead singer is being filmed the lighting made Dan glow and the white shirt that he wore made him stand out against the black background. ...read more.


There was also a problem with the editing at the start of the new I-Macs, this was due to the fact that they were upgraded versions but did not have the same amount of effects as the ones used before for creating the thriller and children's program. We dealt with this problem by changing to the older I-Macs. Postmodernism is characterised by pastiche Definition - Pastiche A work imitating style, an author or period Three characteristics of postmodernism Based on pastiche of traditional generic material Much of the imitation is of images of the past, offered as a nostalgic substitute for any real exploration of the either the past or the present The artist is unable to say anything which has not already been said A further characteristic of postmodernism is: Bricolage This is defined as the playful mixing of elements from different styles and periods There is no specific set of conventions to shape the text Elements from various genres and influences can be chosen and mixed With intertextuality the text has a fluid relationship with other, similar, media texts. With Scream the film makes reference to 'the rules' of the horror film It then 'plays' with these rules E.g. The 'double' ending If the audience understands the conventions then this gives greater enjoyment and satisfaction Semiotics is the study of signs Or, the social production of meaning by sign systems A sign refers to something other than itself This is called the signified This is the 'idea' or 'meaning' within the sign The signifier is a physical object or concept, e.g. a sound, printed word, advertisement. The signified is a mental concept or meaning conveyed by the signifier Semiotics and Media Texts An audience consuming a media text is creating meaning from a complex system of signs that they have become used to 'reading' By understanding the nature of signs and how they work, we can gain some insight into the process by which media messages are interpreted ?? ?? ?? ?? Jamie Mason Media Studies Mr. Deeney Advanced Coursework ...read more.

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