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Pirates Of The Caribbean:

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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest Here we are once again on board the Black Pearl looking out onto what looks to be a thrilling encore to an amazing first adventure. However sadly we are much disappointed as a similar plot quite literally rolls across our screen. The entire film seems to be just one big repeat over several points. Ok well I suppose some credit can be given to the two main actors Orlando Bloom (Will Turner) and of course the ever popular Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow) who gives that extra something that make the whole affair worth watching. ...read more.


Well how to put this in a manner of constructive criticism? Throughout the entire film she was dull and should be replaced immediately to the extent where her best acting was a fake feint which didn't even attract and attention form her fianc´┐Ż or her new found secret crush. Yes that's right more lust. Maybe the film director's relised how boring the film was getting and decided this would be the best way to spark it up again I don't know but sadly it really doesn't work. So perhaps we should now venture into why the two boys were rather preoccupied to rush over to save poor Miss Swann. ...read more.


On The Cannibals Island we see the crew of the Black Pearl rolling down a valley in some bone and vine built cage. And so this brings us to my final opinion of the film. From where I am standing this film is merely something to fill in the gaps before the final chapter and for me I found it totally boring and unsatisfying. I think that the film producers should have jettisoned this film and gone straight to the third instalment because I believe it would have made me a lot more willing to go and see the next film where as now I am having my doubts. I would give this piece a mere 1 golden galleon and I just hope that its sequel will have me a lot more gripped. ...read more.

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