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Production Coursework Evaluation

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Production Coursework Evaluation For my media production coursework I was asked to create a free local newspaper. The newspaper had to be aimed at teenagers, a target audience that does not usually read newspapers, and the articles in the newspaper had to represent teenagers in a positive light. During the creation of the newspaper I had to consider how to make the newspaper different to any other free newspaper on the market, such as The Topper and Metro, and any other newspaper or magazine aimed at teenagers that is currently available and how this would make my newspaper appeal to the target audience want to read more than just the front page. On the front page of my newspaper I used a number of codes and conventions of a newspaper to appeal to the target audience. For the masthead I used bright colours and an unusual shape to make it stand out from the competition on a news stand, I also used a brightly coloured advert wrapped around the masthead offering a free ticket to attract people to pick up a copy of the paper because of their need to get something for nothing. ...read more.


The other advert on the page was chosen because it has relevant to the target market because it is specifically aimed at under 18s. I have used clear, bold subheadings to separate the different parts of the page and make it easier to see the different articles. The picture that has been used because the positioning of the people could reflect harmless fun between friends or a serious crime such as robbery or rape. The caption for the picture also gets the reader more involved because it asks them a direct question. Like the front page each of the articles also has a two letter code to indicate the author of the article instead of the byline that is normally used in other newspapers and magazines. My newspaper will reach the target audience because it will be available in places that are frequently visited by teenagers such as newsagents, youth clubs and in and around schools, within these areas the places stocking the paper will have large signs advertising the paper using words such as free to attract more teens to get the paper. ...read more.


was part of the criteria for the coursework,I could have done this by including Nottingham or Notts in the name to achieve this. Another way I could have improved the newspaper is by having a more balanced front page by including slightly more positive stories to balance out the negativity from the main article. I could have also included a better masthead to make it look more professional and more like an actual newspaper. To improve the newspaper further I could have included more adverts on both the front page and the features page so that it would be more financially viable and so that more readers would be attracted by the adverts. On the features page I could have made the main article smaller so that something else like a horoscope could be included to make the page more interesting to the target audience. I could also have made the headlines for the articles more interesting by using devices like assonance and personalisation to attract the attention of the reader. My newspaper will be successful because even though it could be improved it still fills a gap in the market for a newspaper for teenagers that represents them positively. ...read more.

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