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Reading text commentary - New Internationalist Magazine

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Reading Text Commentary This reading text has been written for an adult audience for some form of magazine such as the new internationalist (www.newint.org) that is focused on worldwide concerns. This text does have a similarly to the listening text, as this reading text has been written to inform on a political issue however this text attempts to achieve this by a written format. This text aims to inform the audience of the Liberty and Livelihood march and for those who are unaware of why rural Britain is having such a problem, to them see reason for their outcry. The main challenge of this text is that as this text is written to inform, the reader cannot hear the tone of voice and various features that a speech would have and would have to re-create the situation themselves. ...read more.


The images used are relatively powerful images are they show the 'live action' of the protest. The second picture used is of the anti-hunting group. This picture has been used as it shows the other side of the story and adds more depth and validity to the text. For further replication, I have used powerful words in the text to create an emotive text that would make the text 'stick' in the minds of those who read it. 'Whoever is right, the steady haemorrhaging of the countryside's vitality and distinctiveness is set to continue whatever the fate of the hounds' quarry.' This sentence is a prime example of how I have attempted to use powerful language in this text. The general tone of this text is formal as this text is attempting to inform the reader of what happened then and why there was so much interest. ...read more.


make it longer When presenting this text for a final time to an audience, it was found that the audience enjoyed reading this text and that it was an informative text. I had added a considerable amount more to the text to hopefully give more information to the audience as I found that the main problem found when receiving feedback from my initial audience was that they did not know enough about the subject as all they knew was what they saw on the news. When observing the final audience reading this text I observed various features of non-verbal communication that indicated that they were enjoying the read and found it informative and useful text. This was an excellent response as the aim of this text was to inform the audience of the problems of Britain's agriculture faced that people who lived predominantly in the city were previously unaware of. (Word count: 758) ...read more.

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