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'The Others' - In 'The Others' how are presentational devices used to mislead the audience's perception of the truth?

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In 'The Others' how are presentational devices used to mislead the audience's perception of the truth? In 'The Others' the director, Alejandro Amenab�r, uses mise-en-scene and presentational devices to trick and deceive the audience. In the film the characters show a lot of emotion so the director subconsciously makes up place our trust in certain characters. When we realise we have been misled we are shocked and feel betrayed, even though we are relieved. It is the director using these presentational devices such as lighting, camera angles and other forms of mise-en-scene, which mislead us in several different ways throughout the film. Firstly, the initial presentation that the director immediately portrays to us is that Grace is on edge. The first image is an extreme close-up of Grace waking up with a blood-curdling scream, which we initially think is a nightmare. This makes the audience feel sympathetic towards her. ...read more.


The camera angle also gives a sense of power and deceit. This effect is also used to make us feel small and insignificant, whilst sensing that Grace, Anne and Nicholas are extremely vulnerable, as we look up at the servants. Also, another example of this towards the end of the film is when Anne and Nicholas discover the servant's graves. It is then that the servants start to approach them in a slow, lifeless manner. At this moment the director uses a number of presentational devices. Firstly, a wide panning shot is used to show how small and endangered the children apparently are. Secondly, a minor-toned, fast paced, non-diegetic sound is used to create tension, misery and ultimately fear throughout the audience. Finally, a last example of this, is an extreme close- up on Nicholas' face when he realises that they are dead, this is a great technique to strongly show the facial expression, in this case fear of someone. ...read more.


For example, when Grace is at the bottom of the stairs and the servants plead with her to go and speak to the family. Obviously, the director has done this to make us extremely unprepared for the final shocking twist. When we finally do realise the truth, that Grace and the children are dead, and in fact they are unknowingly haunting the family, the director uses a great camera effect of Grace ripping up the papers. Yet through the family member's eyes, she is invisible, this is an excellent realisation of what is really going on, and shows the clash between the dead and alive. It also shows you an insight into the way the family portray the house, and the current circumstances. The director used many presentational devices throughout the film to mislead, and shield the audience from the truth. He used a great variety of mise-en-scene, for instance make-up, camera shots and clever, selective dialogue to consistently lead the audience down the wrong path, so the twist at the end would be as effective as possible. Media Coursework Lewis Clarke 10C3 ...read more.

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