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The piece of persuasive writing that I will be analysing is a letter from the Post Office. The letter is for people looking to obtain money through a loan.

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The piece of persuasive writing that I will be analysing is a letter from the Post Office. The letter is for people looking to obtain money through a loan. In this text there are a lot of rhetorical questions which are their for a specific reason which is to persuade the reader to take out a Post Office loan. "Why wait for the things you want." "Why just think about it?" Above are examples of rhetorical questions in this text. These rhetorical questions both have something in common in that the main focus of these rhetorical questions are the verbs "wait" and "think". Both these verbs have a time element to them in that they are saying to the readers that they should take a loan out now and no to take time in deciding whether to take out the loan. "Perhaps you have been promising yourself a well-earned holiday abroad?" ...read more.


At the beginning of this letter straight away in big bold writing it say's "Now there's an affordable way to get almost anything you want". The reason for it being big and bold is that it is the first thing that the reader sees when he/she opens the letter and this makes the reader want to read on rather then just throw the letter away as junk mail. Also in this letter in big writing are four circles in the middle of the page which catch the reader's eye. These circles contain in them, something that is written in bold writing that clearly tells the reader that when you take out a Post Office loan you do not have to make the first repayment until the fourth month. On the other side of this letter we are told how easy it is to take out a loan/ "One quick call, an instant decision and a cheque in as little as 24 hours" Here we are told that the process ...read more.


Then right at the bottom of the page there are three questions and it says "Answer yes to these questions and give us a call" in very big writing, that makes it stand out to the reader and the questions are ones that most people would answer yes to and this will be the final point that finally persuades the reader to at least phone up and find out about a possible loan if not take out a loan. I believe this is the purpose of these questions because the only thing below this is the rhetorical question "why just think about it?" now you can do it with an affordable Post Office personal loan! Call now for a fast decision on....." and then we are given the phone number on which you can contact the Post Office on. Also there is a website that is given on which you can apply for a loan on which further cuts down the time and price element to taking out a loan which persuades the reader even more to take out a Post Office loan. SARFRAZ AHMED ENGLISH ...read more.

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