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The two titles of the two news articles that I am comparing are: 'Sven: Pele inspired Theo selection' and 'Pele: Theo no, Sven.'

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Citizenship Coursework The two titles of the two news articles that I am comparing are: 'Sven: Pele inspired Theo selection' and 'Pele: Theo no, Sven.' Both articles appeared on the 04/06/2006. I found the articles on the Internet. The news story is about whether Theo Walcott should go to the World Cup or not. The article made the news because Walcott is the youngest player ever for England and also was picked ahead of another experienced striker and also he is unproven at Premiership level, which caused controversy amongst the England fans. For the 'Sven: Pele inspired Theo selection' was written by Simon Fudge of Sky Sports and 'Pele: Theo no, Sven' was written by a Sun online reporter. Both articles are on a website set out with a big bold headline and the Sun Online report has a photo of Theo Walcott on the right hand side. ...read more.


This shows us that this is against the story. The languages used in these articles are formal because they are a public announcement in the press regarding the story. Both articles show a different sort of bias. The first article shows a respectable bias because Sven is showing that Walcott could be a sensation like Pele was when he was Walcott's age but the second article shows a historical bias because Pele is using the facts that no player he has ever heard of has gone into a World Cup untried. I think that Theo Walcott shouldn't be taken to the World Cup because England have much better options up front who are proven at the top level and have done the job before for England because Theo is untried, lacks experience and is unproven at the top level. Other people agree with my opinion because of the lack of experience he has and that he could hamper England's chances of winning the World Cup. ...read more.


But if England did win the World Cup it will send the country into ecstasy because we've won the most prestigious football tournament in the world. Also it would prove Sven right in taking Theo if he made an impact on the World Cup and helped England to their first World Cup finals tournament win in 40 years which was held in England. And also if we won the World Cup then all of Sven critics would be proved wrong and also with the World Cup being held in Germany it would be seen as 'putting one over the rivals' if we did win the Cup. This story is complex because it affects so many people and could cost people their jobs and bring others under scrutiny because of Theo's selection and the importance of England's World Cup ambitions and people have many different opinions about it such as Sven and Pele because it affects so many people in so many ways. ...read more.

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