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US fighter jet clips a gondola’s cable, killing 20 - Media analysis and comparison

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Media Coursework Assignment When, Where and What? (The 3 W's) is the structure of any article. Some papers 'beat around the bush' and don't tell you the facts until you read further. However there are also papers such as The Mirror, which in the first sentence reveals the 'three W's' e.g. "Twenty people fell three hundred feet to their deaths (what) in the Dolomites (where) yesterday (when)". The Sources of an article can change a story, maybe making it biased, or twisting the truth. The Mirror has a reputation of glamorizing any story it gets, and maybe twisting the truth to make it seem more interesting, or emotional. The Times is renowned to be a trustworthy source for news, as it appears to give you an unbiased point of view in its articles. Newsweek was a very biased source, as it is American (the article is questioning whether it is America's fault...) At first glance you can see that the Mirror and the Times are both British, whereas Newsweek is from the America and is more political (asks people in charge, rather than locals, or witnesses). ...read more.


Notice the difference, sliced is a more violent, intentional word than 'clipped' which sounds accidental, easy to do. The Times is less descriptive and tends to only show the facts rather than it's own opinions or biased words like The Mirror. Use of descriptive or imaginative words may interest a reader more, and play with their emotions to involve them, however you have to be careful not to be biased when using such a technique. Newsweek seems to have no interviews on the incident at all, however there are a few statements from AMERICAN politicians and Airforce personnel. Obviously the statements are going to try and justify their side of things. Not having Italian or European interviews makes the article looks less important (as there aren't any distressed, or angry people) The Mirror only interviews locals and tourists at the incident. This is because they know that their language will be very emotional, and angry which, will be better news. The Times interviews Italian, tourists, and Americans. ...read more.


Having a diagram of what happened complete with labels help back this up. They are also trying to make this a shocking report, as most of the photos are gory and detailed of the accident. The Times have 3 basic pictures including a small map, for readers to see exactly where it occurred, (intellectual). I think the best paper to read about the incident is the Times. Because it does not try to put ideas into your head, or give any biased views, or statements. The Mirror and Newsweek are biased in their way of delivering the article such as the only interviews coming form people from the United States. The Times achieves that 'trustworthy source' reputation from its layout, and audience. It is known as an upper class paper, and not just 'out for some dirt' like other papers (usually tabloids). Different explanations of the incident range from Newsweek trying to lessen the guilt. It is an American report and therefore bound to either excuse or explain the fighter jets actions. The Mirror is 'auto spoken' (telling you what happened, not showing you) so it allows people to understand. The Times is less emotional, and allows people to think for themselves. Stuart Myers ...read more.

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