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Van Helsing

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How does Van Helsing conform to our expectations Of the horror film genre? Van Helsing has many genres, Action / Adventure / Horror / Fantasy / Thriller. Horror is included but it isn't necessary the main genre. The first big main horror film company was Hammer house of horror that first made such classics as Dracula, The Curse of Frankenstein and The Mummy. Hammer house of horror was a U.k film production best recognised for a serious of gothic films produced in the late 1950's untill the 1970's. Hammer film production did not only do horror films but also made sicence fistion, thrillers and comedy film, and in later years made A telivision production. In November 1934, William Hinds, a comedian and businessman registered his own film company - Hammer Productions Ltd. - based in a three-room office suite at Imperial House, Regent Street, London. The company name was taken from Hinds' stage name, Will Hammer. Universal studios was another early horror film company, that was founded in 1912 by Carl Laemmle. A suitable rival for hammer house. ...read more.


Haunted maybe, just generally, dark and bad. Weather it's the dark clouds. The lightning hitting it. Or that there's only one window light on and that's in the top most tower. With a range of all those points we're beginning to realise that something's going on that isn't quite right. Those last two points were taken from the first five minutes of the film where it tries and succeeds to show us that this is going to be a real horror film. But this next one is taken far later in the film, which shows us that even though its not a traditional horror film, part of the film are still generally quite fighting. In this next photo its showing that Anna Valerious is at Dracula's masquerade ball, where Dracular is planning to make her another one of his brides. As she looks around her she can see all these people and so can the viewer. Obviously she asumes there alie. Naturelly you would. But then and there dancing around Anna looks into the large mirror and we the viewer look with her, and that when anna relises that she is the only alive person in the room. ...read more.


may of just been added to try and make Van Helsing a family film that the whole family may well enjoy. With a bit of everything for somebody. In conclusion Van Helsing dousn't conferm to my expectations of the horrar film genra because when I think horror I think, frighting, suspence, surprises, gore, and dark terifing monsters. Which in van helsing there is a little bit off, but not enough to be a 'real' horror film. A horrar film that dose work, when it really should'nt is stephans Kings novel 'IT' The film is about a clown who is only real to the people who believe in him. This film works because its taking many peoples fear( the fear of clowns) and emphasings it to the extreme. This film shouldn't work on so many levels but it douse because in real life clown are real and people are actuley frightened of them. Weather as Vampires arnt real and I think as much as we might be frightened by them, we all know there not real. But I still rather be stuck down a dark alley way with a clown than a vampire. Tara Pitten ...read more.

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