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Creative Story

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The Lake My brother and I lived in a small town called Carshalton, which is situated in South London. We lived there for many years with our mum who was a single parent and was paralysed from the hip down. She couldn't work so we had to live off her benefit money which we got monthly from the council. We didn't have a dad anymore he died in a car crash over two years ago. My little brother was nine years old and I was only eleven when this our adventures started. Recently I got kicked out of my school for getting into a brawl with another student. He kept making jokes about fact that my dad died in a car crash. So I had no other choice but to stand up for what was right. Ever since then I have been striving to get a job to help out the family. ...read more.


The lake had appeared so shiny and reflective and resembled a finely-cut diamond. The rare and distinct fragrance enticed us. It smelled like mother-nature herself, with aromas ranging from wildlife and wet grass, to yellow daffodils and evaporated swamp water. Then, the time for us to find the desired vessel arrived. Fortunately we saw a boat attached to the side of the lake. We were puzzled as we had never seen this kind of boat before. We then approached the boat to inspect it. Carefully, with our torn-jeans rolled up, and shirts off, we pushed the boat over the slope of grass and mud into the shallow stream. The boat seemed stable enough so we hopped aboard and set out for the water. We grabbed the paddles, and floated and splashed into nowhere. The wavy current sucked us downstream, periodically bouncing us off rocks and sharp branches leaning over the water. We were thrilled it seemed like we was riding on a wet water ride at the theme park. ...read more.


We set aside our differences and together we bonded. My brother and I fought on top of the muddy bank until we rolled down the slope and ended up in a swamp. When we landed I knocked my head onto something that seemed to be a hard object under the mud. We were curious to see it what it was so we started to dig away in the dirt. I saw a small tarnished box with a small a printing on it. The small printing said "The great King Arthur's Jewels". I then open the box and inside had sparkling diamonds, luxurious crown jewels and gold. We were astonished and speechless. My brother and I ran back towards the boat and set off into the blue ocean. At this point we were still overwhelmed by what we found. It did not matter to us what trouble we would be in for taking the boat, because whatever it was, it could never replace the priceless experience we shared with one another. The End. ?? ?? ?? ?? Canaan Brown 11W 1 ...read more.

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