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Describe the treatments available to help_infertile couples to have children

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Describe the treatments available to help infertile couples to have children Infertility, or the inability to procreate, is a devastating condition which affects both males and females. Infertility is actually rare. To be infertile means you have a total number of absences of reproductive functions, therefore unable to have children which are also known as subfertile. It affects approximately 10% of the couples in the western side of the world that's approximately 1in 6 couples. However some couples only need advice or reassurance, some may need drug therapy or surgery others will need assisted conception techniques. ...read more.


Artificial Insemination by husband (AIH) is when the husband's sperm is inserted into his wife by mechanicals, and then the sperm will be placed in the woman's cervix with an instrument at the most fertile time of her cycle. However, if the husband has had a vasectomy he may have had some of his sperm frozen then the couple will need to use AID, Artificial Insemination by donor this is when a man donates sperm which then is inserted by mechanicals into the mother; it takes an average of three attempts before pregnancy occurs. ...read more.


using the husbands sperm and then placed into the wife's womb. However, if a woman has had her womb/uterus removed, or if it would be dangerous for the woman to bear child, she may consider surrogacy. Surrogacy is when the egg of a woman are fertilised by IVF and then placed into another woman's womb, after the birth the woman hands the baby to the husband and wife. Overall, there are various treatments available in the UK, alternative treatments for both the husband and wife is the embryo donation. Embryo donation is when the couple have multiple problems such as low sperm count, ineffective ovaries or simply unexplained infertility then embryo donation will be used, this is when both and sperm come from donors and are fertilized using IVF. ...read more.

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