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Magazine analysis

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Analyse, review and comment upon magazine covers Essentials - June 2007 The magazine I have studied is called 'Essentials'. The date on the magazine is June 2007 and in my opinion it is aimed at a thirty to fifty age range. The word 'Essential' implies that the magazine has everything the reader will need. It is also in white text, which stands out because there is little white on the page. Additionally, there is not other font like it on the page, and the title is positioned at the top and in front of the main picture. This demonstrates that the picture is less important than the title and could also mean that the reader might not have heard of the magazine but can easily read the title. Just above the title, are the magazine's slogan and the price: 'Your life made easy - everyday', is in black capital letters, and in a smaller font than the title. In my opinion, this makes it easy to see, but it doesn't stand out. It also implies that the reader needs the magazine to organize their life. The dash before 'everyday' emphasizes that the magazine can help the reader, whatever they may be doing, all of the time. The price is in the same font as the slogan, but is slightly smaller, because it isn't as important as anything else. In addition to this, the barcode and the date of the magazine are at the bottom left of the page, out of the way, which doesn't take the focus away from the main stories. ...read more.


The subheading underneath reads: 'Dresses, sandals swimwear ... the lot! From just �5'. This is in a much smaller font than the main heading and in black so that it doesn't stand out suggesting it is not as important. 'Dresses, sandals, swimwear' are all summer items, and therefore refer to the main heading and the time of the year. The 's' sound is repeated and suggests to the reader that the article is exclusive and secretive, while the plurals suggest lots of items featured inside the magazine. The ellipsis after the list presents that there is more to write, but the reader must buy the magazine to find out. 'The lot!' is informal, which reiterates the point that the magazine is trying to be friendly and wanting the reader to have everything, whilst the exclamation mark raises the tone adding more effect. The last section 'From just �5' makes the reader think that most of the items are really cheap, and that any reader can afford them. However in my experience magazines and other advertising mediums display one item that is this price and everything else is generally a lot more expensive, so they are not technically lying, but still it is a misleading way to attract the attention of the reader. Furthermore, another heading states: 'No-cook food! Less time in the kitchen - more time for you'. This is in orange, but is in a small font, so doesn't stand out as much as the previous title, implying that it isn't as important. ...read more.


The heading below it states 'Shop for your shape - online'. This contains alliteration and it appeals to women who want to look good, with the convenience of the Internet. Also, the head of the woman is not shown because it isn't important, but the clothes are because that is what the story is about. In this magazine, there are no famous people on the cover and all the stories are about how to improve the reader. However, this is the purpose of the magazine. 'Your life made easy' demonstrates that the magazine is all about the reader, and no-one else. In this, it is different to many other women's magazines which celebrate the lives of the rich and famous who they offer as role models. As a whole, the magazine uses a range of presentational devices to attract the reader. Unlike some magazines, 'Essentials' doesn't use every space available. The colours also go well together and match the time of the year with warm, vibrant, feminine colours, such as pink. The content matches the time of the year with featured dresses and 'no-streak tans'. In addition, there are many links between the stories with the ideas of weight loss and easy ways to live life being continued across the front cover. In conclusion, I think that the target audience is women aged thirty to fifty, who want easy ways to live their lives and want to look good without hassle. The magazine attracts these readers well by presenting 'real' people on the cover, and delivering stories that will attract the attention of these people whilst maintaining a friendly informal presentation. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amy Jones ...read more.

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