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The Prison

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As the prison door slammed shut my heart felt as though it had dropped into a bottomless pit, just like a coin being tossed into a never ending well. The putrid stench of the cell was awful. The cell wasn't the smallest of rooms, yet it wasn't the biggest either. I turned my head to look at a blood stained wall in the corner of my eye. I thought to my self that someone may have been tortured in the cell that I has been pressurised into. There was but little light being thrown into the cell by a hole in the wall, roughly the same size as a British pound coin. The temperature of the room caused me to drip sweat, like a dripping tap. I was anxious to know why I was in the cell alone, because on the journey to this cell all the cells I has passed had at least more than three occupants. All I heard was the whistling of the wind through the pound sized coin hole. I couldn't even hear any of the other occupants of the cells around me. To the left of me was a broken chipped bowl. ...read more.


She must have only been about 14 or so. I knew she was sensitive because when she would come up to me and serve me my rations for day she would always stand well back from me to hand me my food. She would always cover her face with a veil, I don't know why; it might have been because her religion makes her wear it. Her other clothes would consist of a black dress and a scruffy, old, brown t-shirt. I think because where I was that the girl was maybe Egyptian, but I could be wrong. The rations that would have been given to me would consist of some stale old bread, a small portion of uncooked potatoes and a pile of rotting vegetables. The young girl would serve the rations to me along side with a chipped mug of dirty warm water. Coming back at the end of the day she would give me some extra water to drink because the cell was so hot. Speaking to me was a big issue for her, as she wouldn't say anything to me, not even hello. Thinking of my family was the only thing keeping me from going insane. ...read more.


I started to squint my eyes and all I could see was miles and miles of sand, bright orange sand. There was also a battered red jeep to the left of me. Without realising it the man covered my face with a towel of some sort. He then lifted me up and threw me into the back of the truck. The truck started up and we accelerated forward. At this point my heart started beating faster and faster. I said to myself that this was it, this was the day that I was going to be killed. The car stopped. The blindfolds then came off. I didn't know where I was. The man said to me, "your lucky!" I didn't know what he meant. I looked to the front of me and my parents started to run to me with open arms. I thought to myself that this was a joke and I was already dead. But it wasn't. they were cuddling me and everything. I arrived home a day later. I was so happy! So that was I, Eddie Gillingham. 24 and the youngest captor of the Egyptian terrorists. The experience was horrible. I said to my parent and I that I would never go on holiday ever again, especially If I was going to be looking for a terrorist gang ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 18/06/2008 - 1 - ...read more.

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