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J'ai ecrit au sujet du celine dion.

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Jai ecrit au sujet du celine dion. elle �t� ne sur le 30�me marche 1968 dans Charlemagne, Qu�bec, Canada et sa nationalit� est canadienne. son signe d'�toile est aries.elle est mari� � Rene Angelil, et a un fils qui est n� les vingt janvier 2001.celine a cinq fr�res et huit soeurs. elle travaille en tant que chanteur et vit dans l'�tat de Florida en Am�rique. Elle a brun yeux et long blond cheveux et un toise de 1.7�m. son meilleur qualit� est d�termin�, disciplin� et sensitive.elle nai jaime pas prise drogue ou fum�e mais de temps � autre boire alchol. ...read more.


elle aime jouer le golf, va aubage de rouleau et ski. � l'avenir o� elle projette rester � la maison pendant une ann�e avec son baby.she �galement veut continuer de chanter mais ne veut pas la voyager voudrait �galement un deuxi�me enfant, elle a l'intention d'attendre trois ou quatre ans cependant. I will write about the singer celine dion. she was born on the 30th of march 1968 in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada. her nationality is Canadian, her star sign is aries.she is married to Rene Angelil, and has one son who was born the twenty fith of january 2001.celine dion has five brothers and eight sisters. ...read more.


her favourite perfume is channel number five.her favourite number is also 5. her favourite male singers are stevei wonder and Michel Jackson. her favourite female singers are barbara streisand and natalie cole. her favourite actors/actresses are dustin Hoffman, tom cruise and meryl streep.she plays the piano. her achievments include selling more than 125 million albums, travelling the greatest stages, singing in front of enormous audiences, being a model and singing ' my heart will go on ' for the film titanic. she likes to play golf, go roller blading and skiing. for the future she plans to stay at home for one year with her baby.she also wants to continue singing but does not want to tour. she would also like a second child, she intends to wait three or four years however. ...read more.

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