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Media Music Essay Music is split into several sub-genres these include; Reggae, blues & soul, classical,

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Music basically means genre. Music is split into several sub-genres these include; Reggae, blues & soul, classical, classic rock pop, dance, experimental, folk, country, jazz, pop, rock & alt, urban and world. Reggae is a style of music developed in Jamaica and is closely linked to the Rastafarian movement, though not universally popular among Rastafarians. It is founded upon its rhythm style, which is characterized by regular chops on the backbeat, played by the rhythm guitarist and the bass drum often hitting on the third beat of each measure-- this is called the "one drop." Bob Marley is the international face of reggae - a title as true now as it was when he died 20 years ago. Marketed as a third world rock star Bob became an icon of the 1970s, his conscious and revolutionary music catching the imagination of millions. Blues is a vocal and instrumental musical form which evolved from African American spirituals, work songs, shouts and chants and has its earliest stylistic roots in West Africa. Blues has been a major influence on later American and Western popular music, finding expression in ragtime, jazz, big bands, rhythm and blues, rock and roll and country music, as well as conventional pop songs and even modern classical music. ...read more.


Folk music arose, and best survives, in societies not yet affected by mass communication and the commercialization of culture. It normally was shared and performed by the entire community (not by a special class of expert performers), and was transmitted by word of mouth. Protest-singer, prophet and people's poet, Bob Dylan is undoubtedly the most influential artist of the last forty years of popular music. In both quantity and quality, his musical output remains virtually unrivalled, and no other songwriter has ever used image and narrative to such great effect. Simply crucial. Country music, once known as country and western music, is a popular musical form developed in the southern United States; usually played on stringed instruments, with roots in traditional folk music, spirituals, and the blues. Johnny Cash the Man in Black was a true American icon. He spanned the gulf between early rock 'n' roll and country and gave us a gritty and uncompromising view of the life of the working man. Jazz is a musical art form characterized by blue notes, syncopation, swing, call and response, polyrhythms, and improvisation. It has been called the first original art form to develop in the United States of America. ...read more.


That said, it is widely acknowledged that whilst the tempo comes from house music there is a fusion of many black music styles incorporated in to the sound. The MC represents the reggae influence whilst there is a certain amount of Nigerian and West African hi life influence in certain drum patterns. US R&B is also important to the sound as it has a smoothness running through it. World music is also sometimes referred to as global or indeed international music. Ever since the world began people have played and sung to celebrate, to cry, to fall in love, and just to communicate, and we all do it in different ways. That's why world music is so exciting; it's the key to understanding different languages, religions, cultures, history, traditions...each other in fact. So much of the world's music wasn't designed for cds or for concert halls but simply for religious festivals or other rituals. Youssou N'Dour In his native Senegal this drummer, singer and bandleader is a living legend. He's the leading exponent of 'mblax', a style of music which combines traditional rhythms with modern electric instruments. Probably the best known African musician in the world today. I have chosen to further research music from the pop genre and the urban genre including; hip-hop, R&B, rap etc. ...read more.

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