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4-Week Training Program

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PE Coursework - 4-Week Training Program My name is Shazib Zaman, I'm 15 yrs old, my height is 6'0", and my weight is 10st 3lbs. I have been asked to design a training program for my PE coursework. I will take into consideration training principles, my current level of fitness etc. I would describe myself as a fairly healthy person, and fairly fit too. I perform considerably well at all sports and my endurance level in particular is of a good standard. I have only one injury problem. This prevents me from using my back muscles such as the trapezius to their full potential. In a typical week I tend to get around 10 hours of physical activity at least. This involves me playing sports such as basketball and football, both of which require a great deal of stamina. Over the course of this program I aim to improve my fitness levels, and certain distances or times of different events that will help me with my chosen sport, which is basketball. I am hoping to improve the skill level of my game which will enable me to become a better player. There are certain hazards in the school gym where I will be carrying out my fitness program. However none that are unavoidable with a little planning. Since there is a large amount of people using a relatively small amount of space, other people's safety is a major factor. ...read more.


Aerobic Respiration glucose + oxygen = carbon dioxide + water (+ energy transferred) Principles of Training There are four principles of training S = Specificity- This means that I have to train specifically to my chosen sport i.e. basketball. So I will be looking to work on the muscles that will affect my performance in my chosen sport. These will mainly be the biceps and triceps however I also need to improve my stamina. P = Progression- Over the program I will be looking to improve my recorded distances and times. I will at the end of the program, record them all again, to note any improvements. O = Overload- To overload myself I will do various activities e.g. as it is summer time I will have the chance to take up more sports and physical activities e.g. tennis, cricket and bike riding. R = Reversibility- unless there is an injury problem, I should in theory never get unfit because I am always playing sports all year around. My circuit contains 5 exercises that I will be attempting to improve. These are: . Skipping . Running around Cones/Ropes . Triceps dips . Press ups . Sergeant jump My results and targets for each activity are show below. Fitness Target intensity Achieved Skipping (in 30 sec) 30 44 Running between ropes. (sec) 10 9.1 Press ups (before stopping) ...read more.


This worked and I met most of my targets even though I had raised them quite a bit. My resting heart rate was not really correct because I had just played football therefore that had an affect on my heart rate but my recovery time had improved. The fourth week everyone started off alright but then most of the boys started to use equipment i.e. basketballs that they were not supposed to be using. Although this meant that we did not have to share equipment it disrupted who had basketball as one of their stations. This week I thought that since I had improved a lot I should try to maintain last week's achievements. Surprisingly I did better on most of them than I had expected. All of my resting heart rate, heart rate after exercising and recovery time had improved a lot. This shows that I am fitter than I was when I started training. Overall I think that I improved the most on the press ups. It is a relatively common exercise yet I was not very good at it to begin with. However as I started to practice it more and set myself a reasonable target and overloaded my body to meet the target I gradually improved by a lot. Seeing the success of this training program I intend to keep training in a similar manner. I believe that introducing more and calcium to my diet will also help as calcium helps build and strengthen bones. ...read more.

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