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6 Week Training Program Coursework.

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6 Week Training Program Coursework. The main problem is Ben's overall skill and consistency, I am going to try and improve all aspects of his skill, and some of his fitness. To do this I will design a schedule of a 6 week program with 3 sessions per week, and hopefully this will improve Ben all round. I will achieve this by meeting up with Ben and doing these exercises or practices. We are doing rugby, I am watching and training Ben Allen, I will be training him on many aspect of play for the Full Back, and any other Back's positions there is that Ben may play. Warm up exercises were done before all of the sessions to make sure no muscles were pulled. The important skills that a Back rugby play would need are mainly speed, vision and overall ability and self confidence in their play, they would also need to be able to tackle and keep their defensive and offensive attacking positions on the pitch in the game of play, For various positions in the backs like Scrum Half, full back, and Fly Half they need to be able to have a very good kick, and very good vision to look and find the space to which ...read more.


Session 2; Passing Drill, Ben would stand with the ball in front of him and he would have to pass it to me to where I was standing Session 3; We study more videos of players in the backs, to see how Ben should play to each other specific position in a game. Ben improved his fitness levels and his understanding of positions, I think we need to move onto harder training. Week 3. Session 1; We will Work on fitness again with shuttle runs and a few lap exercises. Session 2; Passing drill, same as before Ben will have the ball but this time he would have to pass me the ball when I was also moving. Session 3; Tackling Practice, Ben would have to attempt to tackle me while I was holding a tackle bag. Ben showed even more improvement in his fitness and passing of the ball. Week 4. Session 1; Ben will go for an hour cycle ride around the town, help his fitness to stay as good as it is, if not improve. Session 2; Practicing Ben's kicking, I would stand in various positions and Ben would have to aim to kick the ball right to me, yes in a game he would usually kick it into space, but this is a accuracy training. ...read more.


passing has improved enormously, also in his strengths their has been some improvement, he can now make decisions even better, he rarely now makes wrong decisions, but he has made little improvement in his initial speed, it seems that he will need to work on that a bit more before we can see improvement, but his fitness has improved greatly, he now seems to look fine and run as hard and fast as at the start of the game, and at the end of the game. Ben's vies on the training, He enjoyed doing the training and believes he has gained a lot more skill and fitness out of it, he would have liked to add more game play into it but understands the principle of person to person training, he has come to the conclusion that he has benefited from this training a lot any thinks it will help his future game play immensely. Mt final conclusion is that after this week program Ben has gained a lot of fitness and skill in his game, on various parts and all round play, if he was to continue this for longer it would help him immensely and keep him in top shape and vastly improve his game play and rugby ability. ...read more.

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