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An Intellectual Experience.

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AN INTELLECTUAL EXPERIENCE When I consider the intellectual experiences that have most affected me, I find most striking those that have taught me something new and helped me develop a greater insight into myself. I have had a few intellectual experiences that have taught me important things but there was one experience that, perhaps more than any other, has allowed me to learn new things and develop an interest in my career goal. My experience at the Science Research Training Program (SRTP), sponsored by New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS), during the summer of 2001 holds great meaning for me. ...read more.


I observed the patterns of behavior in the sea lions for 20 days and then I introduced enrichment items to the sea lions and observed their behavior again for 20 days. The patterns of behavior during the two phases were compared. The results demonstrated that enrichment items could reduce the amount of time spent swimming and modify other behaviors. This experience prepared me to enter the world of research. It reinforced my interest in science, introduced me to real-world scientific research and developed my technical and critical thinking skills. I got the opportunity to work under the supervision of science professionals. ...read more.


This sparked my interest in choosing a career in science and allowed me to improve my own personal relation skills. At Lehigh, I plan to continue the research which has played such a big role in the formation of my traits and career goals. In addition, this was the first such experience that allowed me to attain a background in the field of science. It enabled me to explore my intellectual capabilities, heighten my perception of knowledge and gain a greater insight into myself. This overall knowledge has helped me to serve as a wonderful segway for bettering myself as a person and for allowing me the opportunity to contribute to your learning institution. Should I be allowed the privilege and opportunity to study at your university? ...read more.

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