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Analysing Performance Sport: Kayaking

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PE Theory Coursework Analysing Performance Sport: Kayaking Role: Surfing Important Skills Required For the Sport: * Straight Paddling * Sweep Strokes * Eskimo Roll * Hand Roll * Stern Rudder Components of Fitness Required * Cardiovascular Endurance * Muscular Endurance ~ Mainly in arms and stomach * Speed ~ In the arms for fast paddling * Strength ~ Mainly in the upper body; arms stomach and back * Flexibility ~ Required in back and stomach to manoeuvre boat Skill Related Fitness Components Required * Balance ~ To control and manoeuvre the boat * Co-ordination ~ So that things can be preformed at the same time. * Timing ~ So that everything is preformed at the right time to be effective * Speed of Reaction ~ So that things are done at the right moment Out of these skills and components of fitness, I have some weakness' and strengths. I will show these and from these I can make up a 3 week training program focusing on these. My weakness' are: * Hand Roll * Muscular Endurance * Flexibility * Timing My strengths are: * Stern Rudder * Eskimo roll * Speed * Balance From these skills that I am best at and least good at, I will be able to produce a 4 week training program that focus's on my weakness', improves the skills that I am no so weak in but still need improvement, and will give the least attention to my best skills, but I will still need to practice these skills to stop myself loosing the ability. ...read more.


Another way to increase my muscular endurance is to do regular sit-ups and press-ups over the next three weeks, because of this I wish to do 1 minute of each of these a day to improve my fitness. I also wish to build up my flexibility in by back and stomach, to do this I will do regular stretch exercises. I will stretch out before each exercise I do and I wish to spent 3 lots of 1minute each day stretching my muscles. I will need to test and see if my flexibility is improving, I will use the "sit and reach" test to find out how flexible my stomach and back is. Knowing this I can test myself and find out how much I have improved my flexibility. Timing can only be improved by practicing kayaking, because of this and because it is and effective way of training all of the above. I wish to kayak in all of the spare time I have after doing all of the above training. I will aim to paddle more than 1 hour a week. It is hard to say how good my timing is so it will be hard to notice any improvements, because of this it is not a very good training exercise as I cannot make a goal. I will include it in my regular kayaking and I know that it will improve if I practice it. ...read more.


Week 2 This week again I did two sessions of hand-rolling practice; each session was for 1hour in these in this session, I made sure I counted the number of rolls so that I can say how I improved. Out of the 154 rolls I did over the two sessions I completed 89 of them this is more than half and on the way to three-quarters of them. This is a sure sign that I am improving this. This week I decided to spent 40minutes on the rowing machine for the first 3 sessions and 45 for the rest of the week, I did three sessions at 40 minutes and three at 45 minutes. From these practice sessions I then did some long distance paddling. This week I timed the time it took for me to paddle between the two piers, and found that this improved. I have been stretching the muscles in my back and stomach every night and whenever up to three times per day. When I retook the sit-and-reach test, I found that I could reach three centimetres further than I could originally. This shows an improvement. There has only been one day this week in which the whether conditions were correct for surfing, this meant that I could only do two hours of surfing. The surf was poor and though the practice was good for my overall skills, because the conditions were not excellent, I do not feel I have improved much Jacob Owen 08/05/2007 1 08/05/2007 ...read more.

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