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Compnents of Fitness

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Components of Fitness, Health and Skill Related Every sport requires components of fitness. These components can range from essential to a certain sport to hardly needed. In Rugby I believe you need to have most components of fitness at a high standard to be the best player possible in my sport. Health related fitness is the ability of the heart, lungs, muscles, and joints to perform well. Regular physical activity promotes physical fitness. Physical fitness is the condition of the body that results from regular physical activity. There are five areas of Health related fitness. These can be remembered with a short yet clever saying: My - Muscular Endurance Mum - Muscular Strength Can - Cardiovascular Endurance Fry - Flexibility Bacon - Body Composition Health Related Components of Fitness. Health-related components help you maintain good health. Your body systems, like the cardiovascular, respiratory, and muscular systems, all work together. 1. Cardiovascular Endurance: Shows how efficiently your heart, circulatory system, and respiratory system, work together over a long period of time. ...read more.


Some examples on how to increase strength are: Weightlifting, gymnastics, push-ups. This is very important in Rugby especially in my position. Without having some muscular strength it would be very hard to drive bigger players back in tackles or mauls and to lift players in a line out. Both aspects are very important in Rugby. 5. Muscular Endurance: A muscles ability to produce power for a long duration. Some examples on how to increase muscular endurance are: Running, swimming, weightlifting. Again, this is important in Rugby otherwise you wouldn't be able to lift in line outs more than a few times in a game. Skill Related Components of Fitness Skill-related components of physical fitness: Help you perform skills needed for sports and dance activities. They can help you have fun in active play. There isn't a saying for remembering this, instead it is the start of each letter that is remembered from a succession in the Alphabet. A - Agility B - Balance C - Co-ordination P - Power R - Reaction Time S - Speed 1. ...read more.


Or in defence when you need to hit rucks hard in order to win back the ball. 5. Reaction Time: The time between you senses recognizing a stimulus and your body moving in response. Some examples on this are: Hitting a ball, starting a race. I don't believe this is too important in rugby, because there is only one aspect of the game when you need to react extremely quickly. A lineout needs quick reactions, because the lifters need to lift the player quickly when recognizing a stimulus. And the player being lifted needs to catch the ball at the right time from the Hooker's throw, who also needs to time his throw to perfection. 6. Speed: The time it takes you to move a certain distance. Some examples on this are: Sprinter, receiver. Speed is important in rugby. Because you need it to run to the try line in order to get points for your own team. At the end of the day points are what win you matches. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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