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components of fitness

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Identification and justification of components of fitness important in netball There are a great number of different fitness components needed within in any sport, to make a player as successful as possible. Within my chosen sport, netball, the vital components, along with others, are strength, endurance and speed. Depending on the position the player is put in can depend on the order of importance however all aspects are still used. Speed: Definition; The maximum rate in which, over a certain distance, a person is able to move their body. In physical performance terms it says speed is coordinated joint actions and whole body movements. Throughout the game of netball speed is used all the time, particularly as a goal defence player as even though I am predominantly a defence player I still cover two thirds of the court and have to run backwards and forwards preventing the other team from gaining access to the ball as much as I can. When running around on court, especially with short outbursts, I use my fast twitch fibres in my legs. When driving to make an interception speed is initiated. To get ahead of my opponent speed is important. In order to loose my opponent it helps to vary the speed I move at and also the direction I move. Strength: Definition; is the maximum force a muscle or muscle group exerts during a single maximal muscle contraction. There are three types of strength: Elastic strength Maximum strength Strength endurance I will relate the above strengths to my position as a goal defence player in netball Elastic strength: I will use this sort of strength for short outbursts and drives such as to intercept a pass to the opposition's goal shooter or goal attack or to receive a pass or mark the opposing team. Maximum strength, this type of strength is needed in such situations as jumping to block a pass or intercepting passes between the opposing team furthermore it can be use to receive a ...read more.


Also to intercept a pass reaction time is very much needed as it means I can react as soon as the ball is released and get in between the player and the ball. I have good reaction time and often manage to intercept pass's, which is very useful as a defence player as I have to try and make sure the other team don't get the ball. Identification of Strength and Weaknesses As everyone I have certain strengths and weaknesses within the fitness components and also skills as I am better at some things than others here I will talk about what I think I am good at and also not so good at and why I think this is. My Strengths: Speed My speed is quite average generally but when I play in a game of netball it seems to improve quite a bit I think this is because I don't enjoy running on tracks or a marked "track" whereas I love team games and playing netball. And with all the adrenaline and quickness of the game it helps me keep up I have good muscle definition within my leg and arm muscles which helps me to have reasonable strength which I feel helps my speed as I can push of when the whistle goes for the centre to pass and am able quickly move into an open position. However I am not very good at keeping my speed for a long periods of time however this doesn't effect my game to any extreme as each quarter is only 12 minutes and also when a goal is scored I have time to get my breath back and recover. Strength I have reasonable strength and especially elastic strength which is short outbursts of strength, I use this strength all the time within netball like when the centre pass is taking place I have to run into the centre third and keep up with the goal attack this takes a lot of strength to do ...read more.


the match is in quarters and not halves is very good as it gives me a bit of a breather and time to recuperate as much as possible also I get a very short bit of time when someone scores and we go back to out starting positions. I am not sure how to improve this as I am already very active however I am going to read up on it and figure out what I can do. Balance When we did the stalk stand to test balance in out fitness testing I scored 15 which is average I was quite impressed with this as I don't feel it is my strongest point however it is important to have good balance within my game, within a gaming situation I think my balance is adequate however it could be better. I need to be able to balance when marking and landing and so it is important that I try and improve on this. I also do not think my balance is as good, as I can be quite clumsy and often loose my balance when turning as my feet don't seem to move as quick as I think they are. Bounce pass The bounce pass is the pass in which I am worst at as I never really use it I predominantly use the other passes as I try and get the ball as far away from the oppositions shooting third as I can and the bounce as is not good for this and so I use over head and shoulder passes as they are high and travel a lot further. I think with practice I will become better however it may not be essential for me to do this as like I have said I don't really use it that much and it could be better to concentrate on balance and stamina as they will be good for both in my game and my general fitness. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jennifer Johnson 12E 05/07/2007 ...read more.

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