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Fitness planning.

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Physical Education Coursework Planning My aim is to work firstly on my aerobic fitness. Within my aerobic fitness I would check how fit I am after a simple test/exercise such as bleep test and circuit training. I would also aim to prove more on my flexibility by stretching more often, and concentrating on my leg muscle sections. Improving anaerobic fitness by doing more warm-ups before an exercise, or playing football, and warm down after a match. I would do this frequently to sustain myself from injury. I would also work on my agility and speed, which is a major factor that I can improve prior to my speed already. Safety is a key factor, which I must take into consideration during my game. I must firstly have my correct equipment/kit, for example making sure I have the correct football boots on the correct ground/Astroturf. Also I must make sure that I carry equipments carefully such as weights. To ensure safety I would bend my knees to lift the weights. Again I would warm-up and warm-down to prevent injuries. Lastly one important fact that I must understand is to always make sure that am in the right frame of mind (mental) and not being stressed. There are different ways I can carry out my fitness. I would involve myself with aerobic running and continuous running to improve my aerobic fitness. Also include fartlek training and interval training which would increase my aerobic system in football, since I wouldn't be working at the same pace. ...read more.


Referring back to my training sessions, my comments were easily written. Any form of pain I encountered or lack of training, I recorded, since these notes would help me, the following week. Honestly I think I planned to train a bit to hard. I kept on pushing my self to the limit, which was good, but did have its side effects such as pain in my legs. In my fitness training I didn't warm up occasionally. This may have been why after a few intense activities I experienced some form of pain in my leg and upper arm. On some days I did do a warm up procedure for about 10mintues stretching all muscles in my body which would enable me to get ready mentally. This included aerobic training to allow my heart to hold more blood and contract more strongly. Also included anaerobic training so my muscles were tolerant against lactic acid. Again only on a few occasions I did a warm down session, where I did some stretching on the muscles I used in the activity. I did take into consideration the training principles especially the reversibility principle. I had to do the same exercises occasionally or else I would have lost my fitness. Linking to me pushing myself to the limit, I had to overload most of my muscles. Therefore my muscles would be much fitter. Also had to pay specific attention to a certain muscle section, which in this case was my leg area. ...read more.


Final Evaluation of the Programme I think the fitness indicators (HRB, HRA, RR) did help my fitness programme. It helped show me a vivid picture on whether I was improving my fitness level or not improving. It was like a mini guide and was something new I learnt. My programme itself looks fairly accurate but some exercises may be unknown to people, so I would give a brief description of some exercises. Rolling start - jogging for about 10 minutes and sprinting the rest The snake - weaving through about 6-8 cones Planning my programme was quite difficult, since I had to research various activities that would correspond to my game. Also performing was difficult since some of the activities were very demanding. The programme had some effects on me, which I think I would benefit on. My heart became bigger and stronger, pumping more blood. My rib muscle and diaphragm became stronger allowing my chest cavity to expand. My bone/joints became stronger as well. Muscles grew stronger and bigger and fat was burned, so my body had a better shape. Thanks to the programme I felt more aware and lively, less tired. My confidence was boosted and I felt better about myself. Before doing the programme I was ready for it. I wanted to be challenged a different way, and this programme was an ideal idea. To further my fitness, I am going to attend gym classes more often, jog more often and always before doing exercises, warm up. I would also concentrate on building up my stamina, since it is a key factor in football. ...read more.

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