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My aim of my Personal Exercise Program is to improve three aspects, which can be improved to progress my game play in rugby

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Introduction I am doing a Personal Exercise Program to primarily improve certain physical aspects to improve my performance in rugby. This will be done over a 6 week period of training. I will plan and record my results in this training in order to evaluate my improvement in over the course. Aim: My aim of my Personal Exercise Program is to improve three aspects, which can be improved to progress my game play in rugby. These aspects will be * Aerobic fitness * Upper body strength I am going to work on Aerobic fitness as it will increase the time before my body and muscles fell tired while playing ruby, this will be an advantage over players who are less aerobically fit. Fitness is the ability to meet the demands of your environment Aerobic respiration is how the body creates energy with sufficient oxygen. Glucose + Oxygen ENERGY + carbon dioxide + water When there is insufficient oxygen the respiration then becomes aerobic, so I will try and train with sufficient oxygen. Improving my upper body strength will progress the length and power of my pass, also it will help in strength of tackles, handing off and rucking. ...read more.


3. Time The duration of the exercise: for fitness, this should be at least 20 minutes a day. 4. Type What kind of exercise: vary what you do to keep it interesting, and to work all the different muscles. Method Principles of training for my P.E.P. for rugby Specificity: Being a scrum half in rugby, I will need to look at mainly aerobic and could do some anaerobic training; also I will focus on my shoulder and arm muscles for passing and strength when going into contact Progression: for my aerobic training I will jog 25seconds of 15meter shuttle runs and 25 seconds of bench steps this will increase my anaerobic level of fitness. To strengthen my arm and shoulder muscles I'll do 25 seconds on press-ups, sit-ups, bicep curls, lunges, and trunges. Overload: I will overload by doing each exercise for a longer time i.e. after 1 week do each exercise for 35 seconds the 45 seconds. Or/and I could go round the circuit 1 extra time each week, or/and I could try and increase the speed of that exercise i.e. try and do 1 more shuttle run in the 25 seconds than you did last time or 5 more press-ups. ...read more.


star jumps * ski sit * press-ups * sit-ups * Triceps Dips * Bench steps Each exercise was done for 25 seconds then I cooled down. At the gym in the afternoon I did 15 minute run on treadmill, 15 minute cycle on exercise bike, completed 2 sets of 20 sit ups, then finish with slow jog on treadmill for 15 minutes Week 3 Wednesday: At the gym I did 5 minute run on treadmill, 20 minute cycle on exercise bike, 5 minutes on walking machine, did 5 sets of 10kg pull-ins then finish with slow jog on treadmill for 10 minutes Friday Warmed up using standard warm up then join with a partner to do 3 sets of 600m runs in turn. The run went from our school sports hall, out of the school along a road to a point 300m away were we turned back, reached the sports hall the switch with our partner. On the first and second run a did it in 3minutes 30 seconds with about 3 minute 50 second rest between each, on the third run I took about 3minutes 55seconds to complete. I had a 2minute rest and decide to do an extra run to as overload to continue my aerobic fitness progress. After I then warmed down. ...read more.

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