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P.E training program- fitness

Free essay example:

General fitness-

Speed -  is the ability to perform a movement or cover a distance in a short period of time. A mid fielder needs speed to out run other players or to catch on to a loose ball.

Muscular endurance- is the ability of the muscles to work for a long period of time without tiring. In football you need it to be able to run around the football pitch for the whole 90 minutes.

Flexibility- you lose flexibility as you get older. It is important to warm up and cool down before and after a match. In football most players in the team need to be flexible, for example to header the ball, but also the goalkeeper has to be very flexible to be able to make difficult saves.

Cardiovascular endurance- requires the heart and blood vessels to supply the working muscles with oxygen for long periods of time without tiring too much. This is needed in football because you run around a lot and you need our heart and lungs to cope with the activity for the whole 90 minutes.

Strength- is normally measured by the amount of weight the muscles can lift, or applying a force against a resistance. This is used in football when we tackle or are being marked and your shoulder to shoulder you need strength to hold others off.

Skill related fitness-

Balance- is the ability to keep up right while you are standing still or moving, this is  needed in football when kicking the ball because you are balancing on one leg.

Co-ordination- is the ablity to use different senses and body parts together in football this is needed between eye and foot, so you kick the ball and not miss especially volleying.

Speed of reaction- is needed on the pitch so when an over ball is played your on-side and make your run perfectly to lose the defender.

Timing- is needed in football to kick the ball at the right time to get the perfect touch.

Agility- is the ability to change direction of the body in football we use this to help loose a defender by turning at speed, it can also help when your in the box for the corner to lose a defender so you can get up for a header.

Physical skills-

Kicking-   is very important because the game is using your feet and you need to kick the ball to get the ball round the pitch.

Shooting- is necessary to be able to shoot as in order to win the game you need to score and in order to score you need to SHOOT to ball into the goal past the keeper.

Tackling- is very important to stop opponents from scoring but some times players timings are not quiet right and cause a dangerous tackle resulting in another players injury.

Marking- is necessary to hold off opponents attacks and not ‘losing’ the person your defending.

Heading- is important to either score from a high ball crossed in or clear the ball away from a opponent in the air.

Dribbling-  is very important to get the ball closer to your opponents goal. There is 2 types of dribbling:

*Firstly when your jogging and keeping the ball closer to your feet.

*Secondly when you knock the ball ahead of you a couple of metres and sprint to catch up with it, this is used to knock the ball past the defender.

Other attributes-

Concentration- is extremely important because if you’re a goalkeeper and you don’t have anything to do for 30minutes you might ‘switch off’ and let in a shot which if you were concentrating you would have saved.

Motivation- is very important because if you want to win but go a goal down if you and your team are motivated enough you will be trying to score 2 goals and keep fighting.

Confidence- is needed so you have the confidence in your self so you trust your ability and get ‘stuck in.’

Most important skills and techniques in football.

Speed is essential in football; it is used throughout the game whether you are an attacker or a defender. For example if you are an attacker and you need to out run a defender to get the ball, to get past a defender and have a attack on goal or if your defending and there is a break you need to run as fast as possible with the ball (or in support) to the oppositions half to make an attack before their defenders catch up with you.

Muscular endurance is needed 100% in football because if you are running around for 90 minutes your no use to your team if after 60 minutes you have a stitch and need to be substituted. Muscular endurance can be improved over time with a training program.

Cardiovascular endurance is essential so that you can last the whole 90 minutes. If somebody’s cardiovascular endurance was not very good and they ran around for 90 minutes it could cause them to pass out because there heart and lungs can not take the strain. Smoking will also effect your cardiovascular endurance because if your trying to take in more oxygen the tar built up around your hearts arteries makes the oxygen’s gap smaller letting oxygen though slower then needed causing short of breath quicker.

Balance is essential because in order to kick the ball you must stand on one leg, if you don’t have good balance you may fall over before your foot reaches the ball. Balance can not be improved, your either have good balance or you don’t.

Co-ordination is important; football players need co-ordination between their eye and foot so they make contact with the ball. Skills on the ball are only preformed if the player has good co-ordination otherwise tricks become unsuccessful.

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