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PEP – Personal Exercise Plan.

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PEP - PERSONAL EXERCISE PLAN The sport that this plan is going to correspond with is cricket. I feel that I need to improve the speed of my bowling because I feel that if I become a faster bowler I can become a more influential and dangerous player in the game. The aspects of fitness I need to work on in order to make this improvement is upper and lower body strength. The methods of training that I will use are: * Resistance Training * Circuit Training The PEP will be carried out on a regular basis for 6 weeks. This regular basis will be 3 times a week. This PEP will be specifically done to improve upper and lower body strength. ...read more.


Do this for 1hour Circuit Training: 55secs in each: squat thrusts, squats, bench dips, ski sit. Resistance Training: 30mins Triceps Extension - 17.5kg, 1min rest between each rep, reps of 15. Circuit Training: 15secs for each: press-ups, sit-ups, squats repeat this for 30mins. Reps of 15 Resistance Training: 27.5kg bicep curls, bench press for 1hour, 1min rest between each rep. 1hour bicep curls, 1hour bench press reps of 15 WEDNESDAY Circuit Training: 30sec on each: press-ups, squats, sit ups, squat thrusts, bench dips, ski sit repeat this for 1hour Resistance Training: 30mins wide leg squat with 10kg on bar. 1min rest between each rep, reps of 12. Resistance Training: 10kg shoulder press for 1hour with 1min rest between each rep. ...read more.


Resistance Training: 30mins Triceps Extension - 20kg, 1min rest between each rep, reps of 15. Circuit Training: 1min on each: press-ups, squats, sit ups, squat thrusts, bench dips, ski sit. Do this for 1hour This PEP will improve; muscular strength and muscular endurance and possibly flexibility. The facilities are available to me at all times as I have my own weights at home. I will not become bored with the exercises, as I have spread the exercises out giving me a variety of exercises to do every week. The programme will help me to improve my bowling speed, as my upper and lower body strength should increase over the 6weeks. The programme is easily understood by anyone who wants to undertake the programme themselves, or just read it. I will be able to follow the programme properly as I am determined to increase body strength and bowling speed. Zahid Khan ...read more.

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