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personal exercise plan My sport- FOOTBALL

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PERSONAL EXERCISE PROGRAMME My sport- FOOTBALL Introduction My personal exercise programme is going to be specifically designed for a football player. A personal exercise programme (PEP) is a training programme that is specifically designed for a sportsman concentrating on one sport. The PEP is created using knowledge about your needs and the needs for your sport. As my sport is football, I will attempt to improve health related fitness. I will design a six week plan aimed at improving my: * Muscular strength- this will help me get more power on my shots. * Muscular endurance- this means I will be able to last longer in matches before my muscles start feeling tired. * Muscular power- this will improve my acceleration making me more explosive. * Flexibility- this will help me stretch for balls which will help me when making a tackle. * Cardiovascular endurance- I will be able to exercise my entire body for longer so I will last for longer before I feel the effects of lactic acid. Types of Fitness There are two different types of fitness, health related and skill related. Health related fitness helps us cope with everyday life. Factors of health related fitness are: * Muscular strength - the amount of force a muscle can exert against resistance. * Muscular endurance - ability to use voluntary muscles repeatedly without getting tired. * Body composition - the percentage of body weight that is fat, muscle and bone. * Flexibility - the range of movement possible at a joint. * Cardiovascular endurance - the ability to exercise the entire body for long periods of time. Factors of skill related fitness are: * Agility-helps the player change direction quickly, slide tackle, dive for the ball * Balance - helps the player stay on his feet, needed for dribbling with the ball. * Power - helps when shooting and defending. Defenders need power and strength. ...read more.


Overload will also come into the plan as I may have to double the workload for some areas of fitness. This could include doubling the amount of 5 mile runs each week for example. To avoid tedium coming into my plan I will incorporate a wide variety of exercises so that I do not become bored. I am planning to use cycling, jogging and swimming as three different exercises aimed at improving my cardiovascular endurance. FITT Principles F= Frequency Frequency is to do with how often I should train. A professional athlete will train 5 or more days per week whilst someone who is just trying to improve their fitness may only train twice a week. I will include 3 training sessions a week in my personal exercise plan; this is a sufficient amount as I am not a professional sportsman. By doing 3 sessions a week I will also minimise the chance of reversibility as I will not have a large gap of time when I am not exercising. I= Intensity Intensity is based on how hard you push yourself whilst doing your training. It is measured by MHR (Maximum Heart Rate) e.g. a 5 mile run at 70% MHR. The intensity of my exercises will increase as I progress through the training programme. For the first week I may start working at 65% MHR then by the 6th week I will be working at 80% MHR. T= Time Time is the length of time I will train for during each session. This can vary from sprinting for 10 seconds to jogging for 45 minutes. I will incorporate Time in my exercise plan as I will increase the length of time spent on each exercise as I progress through the 6 weeks to keep pushing myself. T= Type This stands for the type of training you will use in your PEP. This will determine whether the exercise is aimed at improving my muscular strength, muscular endurance, muscular power, flexibility or cardiovascular endurance. ...read more.


I have used a variety of different exercises and training routines in an attempt to avoid tedium. I feel that this has definitely helped me as by the end of 6 weeks I was not getting bored of any work out. However I think I could improve the warm up, cool down and flexibility programme by adding new sections to them. Especially the warm up and cool down as I had to do them in every session. If I were to create another PEP, I may attempt to include some exercises aimed at improving skill related fitness. For example if I was designing one for a football player I could have some shooting or heading practice. This would also decrease the risk of tedium as being a footballer they will probably want a football included somewhere in the exercise plan. I feel that the section that gave me the best results was muscular strength. From completing the bike rides, swims and runs I have definitely improved the endurance in my muscles. I am now able to play at a higher maximum heart rate for a longer space of time. This gives me an advantage on the football pitch as I will still feel fresh when other players are beginning to tire. The three particular exercises that I did to improve my muscular endurance are easy to take part in anywhere and not much special equipment is needed which is also useful. Even if I do not continue with my PEP I may be inclined to go for 2 or 3 runs every week to keep my muscular endurance at a high level and avoid the effects of reversibility. Overall I think that my personal exercise plan was a great success as not only have I improved my fitness but it can be used by other sportsmen, especially footballers if they want to improve their fitness. By Matt Jordan ?? ?? ?? ?? Matt Jordan ...read more.

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