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Personal Exercise Program.

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In my P.E.P (Personal Exercise Program) I hope to improve on several things. These things I wish to improve on are :- 1) My muscular strength. Before I started this P.E.P my personal bests for the four main weight lifts in weight training were:- Cleans:- 40kg Snatch:- 30kg Bench Press:- 45kg Squats:- 60kg My usual weight training also includes:- Jump squats, Hypo extensions, Bouncing Split Squats and Sit-ups. I hope to add 20 kg on each lift. I will be lifting my own weight in cleans and above my weight in bench and squats and a little under my weight in snatches. This will also help me in my shot-put. I have been told by my coach that I need to improve on my explosive power at the end of the shot-put. I will need to improve in my bench press, snatch and cleans to do this as its mainly focussed on the biceps, triceps and pectorals. In my second athletic event the discus. I need to "get down" more in my rotation. This will make the discus feel lighter and make it easier for my arms. If I stay upright then there is more work for my arms and I can't get the height I need so easily at the end of the throw. ...read more.


Also he has started training from when he was 16 and his body has grown into a body used to this type of training. Dave is older and not as muscular. He is very light and can run quicker because of his lack of weight. I aim to beat Holly and Mike by the end of this six weeks. Running against faster people will make my body want to push harder to beat them and over a period of time make me quicker. I also hope to make my time of 200meter sprint down to 24 seconds. At school I did one type of test called a multi-stage fitness test. In the multi-stage fitness test you have to: - * 20 shuttles - running to the bleeps and the bleeps gradually get faster this shows you how well your endurance is in your muscles and your cardiovascular system. You can improve this by doing circuit training. Other tests which can be done are Cooper run which involves you running around a 400 meter track for twelve minutes to see how far you can run. This also measures your muscular endurance and how well you cardiovascular system is. ...read more.


You do reps in weights and you do different speeds (push the weight up fast and bring it down slow). You overload the interval training by doing more reps or sets or both or you could set less time on slow work and resting. In weights you usually increase the weight but do less reps. The advantages of this is you can mix both anaerobic and anaerobic work. It is also easy to see when you are giving up. The disadvantages are its hard t keep going and you need lots of determination. Also if you overload you increase the chances of injury because of the sudden changes. The training equipment that I will be using on my training is a weight bar with weights on the end. The bar itself ways about 10kg so whatever weights I put on the end I have to add 10kg because of the bar. I usually do my weight training with my partner Hollie. She's a 18 year old girl and is about my level in all training that we do. I will use her as my motivation. For my sprint training I will be using a sports hall which has a lot of grip on it. This allows me to turn and change direction quickly (agility) which is the use of speed and muscular strength. Elliot Rushen Personal Exercise Program. ...read more.

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