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Planning P.E.P.

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Planning P.E.P Information about P.E.P User Name: Age: 16 yrs Gender: Male Current Level of Fitness: 11.2 achieved in Multi-Stage Fitness Test Sports/Activities Played: Badminton and cricket Sports Centre: lives near good badminton facilities Lifestyle: plays badminton once a week, on Saturday, for two hours, in friendly doubles competition. Other than that, he plays in tough singles and doubles tournaments. At present, the Saturday club is his only source of training for the sport, other than in P.E lessons, where training does not take place, for the reason of 'too many students'. As he is from an Asian background, his daily diet consists of: Time of Day Food Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals, Water and Dietary Fibre 8.00am - Morning: No breakfast n/a 11.30am - Break: One bar of chocolate, cheese and salami sandwich in white bread, packet of crisps, and a bottle of water Chocolate is a simple carbohydrate, however he does not eat many of these, Cheddar cheese and salami in white bread, which consists of some essential amino acids in the proteins, as well as complex carbohydrates in the bread and saturated fatty acids in the salami, Although not a nutrient, water is taken in. ...read more.


areas to improve which are: * Agility * Balance * Coordination * Explosive strength * Fast reactions * Good timing will aim to improve his explosive strength, however because of his poor diet and age; he will not be able to use weights at all, as it may stun his growth. He will also aim to improve part of his general fitness, which is another important factor to a better badminton player, which is stamina. There will be Four Stages of training for 's badminton competition Though I will simply be preparing the first of four stages, this is what all the stages consist of: * Out-of-season preparation: will eat plenty of Carbohydrates, and do lots of aerobic and strength training, this is the stage I will plan. * Pre-season preparation: Do anaerobic, aerobic and skills training - and some extra strength training, I will also prepare this stage, however merging it with the first stage. * Competition: will compete regularly, while maintaining his fitness and preventing reversibility and getting enough rest, the training will be planned so that he can 'peak' at the right time. * Recuperation: will have to recover from the strain of competition through rest and relaxation. ...read more.


In essence, if I constantly work at this level he will constantly be working in the training threshold, thus improving his stamina greatly. Time of activity: Aerobic training sessions tend to last for about 20 minutes, however I will increase this gradually may be by a few minutes to make 's aerobic system efficient for a badminton game, as rallies can be either long or very short. When training his muscles they will be slightly shorter and less sustained, however I will aim to make his muscles stronger rather than bigger, as it is explosive strength and stamina I am looking for. Type of activity: What exercises will use? It will vary from session to session; this will make tedium and much more interesting for . When practising aerobic training, I will be cross training , so instead of running on a treadmill to exercise his Quads and hamstrings I will make him cycle the same distance, which is used to increase fitness, however not overstressing the tissues and joints used in the main sport. Such as ball and socket joint in the hip and shoulder. - 1 - A 113 ...read more.

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