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PPP Action Plan

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PPP Action Plan My Strengths In terms of skill: I feel that I have a good sense of co-ordination with the ball and my surroundings. It has developed into a kinaesthetic feeling; I automatically know what my own limits are. I also feel I am a good runner/sprinter. I am quick with the ball when it comes to making a run or challenging defenders. This also makes me good at intercepting the ball as my speed gives me an advantage. This helps when I am playing football because it is a main factor. In terms of fitness: I feel that my fitness level is already quite high and I have a good level of muscular endurance and have medium to short but powerful bursts of energy. I don't feel I have any other fitness strengths that stand out. In terms of tactics/strategies: I feel I have only one strength in this area and that it links in with my co-ordination skills. I think that I can use my co-ordination to see where the other players and quickly assess what needs to be done. My Weaknesses In terms of skill: I feel that my football skills could be improved. I find I am not so good at controlling the ball from a long pass and accuracy when shooting. ...read more.


We had a game of badminton that went very well and worked very well for a cardiovascular workout. On the Saturday my friends and me had a leisurely game of football in which I practiced my accuracy when shooting and passing, and controlling a long ball from a pass to then either have a shot or execute an accurate pass. I finished the week with a game of football that certainly pushed my fitness to the limits during Sunday. Week 2 This week I started with two PE lessons that I took notes to revise from in my spare time. On Tuesday I coached younger performers and learned new skills myself. On Wednesday I had a practical football session outside. It went well, starting with stretching all major muscle groups and going for a slow jog. We had a good game and I again, practiced accuracy when shooting and passing. During the game I tried to control all long passes that were made to me and then execute a accurate pass or shot back. After college I went to the gym for two hours and worked on my lower body. During the session I used: -Leg Press - 3 reps, 50kg 30 times -Leg Curl - 3 reps, 30kg 30 times -Leg Extension - 3 reps, 30kg 30 times -Running machine- 3km on a variable factor setting On Thursday I had another PE session and on Friday I had a rest. ...read more.


On Saturday I had another game of football, but this time out of college, in which I practiced the same skills as I did on Wednesday. I finished the week with game of football. The game went well and it seemed as if I could try really hard while still having energy to keep going. I felt that my strength and endurance had increased and this game was the easiest yet. Evaluation I think my timetable all went to plan. I carried out all of my training session and each week I feel I improved in all areas. Each week at the gym I increased the weight and the number of repetitions I lifted for both upper and lower body exercises, and felt fine with doing so. During the football games, over time I felt I had improved my technique and re-corrected some of my faults. When taking long passes I can now direct them to the players feet with accuracy and also my accuracy on goal when taking a shot has greatly improved. I feel a lot more fit than when I started the course and now find it easier to keep up and not lose concentration because of tiredness. Overall I feel that I have fulfilled all of my goals set, and the 6-week plan worked very well to improve many areas of my chosen sport. ...read more.

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