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Skills and techniques required for Badminton.

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Selected Sport: Badminton Position: Opponent in a singles game Skills and techniques required in your chosen sport or activity * In Badminton, you obviously need to be pretty fit in order to move and be able to get to the shuttlecock and hit it over the net before it hits the ground. * You need to be aware of the simple shots: net shots, overhead clear, underarm shots, the serve, the smash, etc, and you ought to be able to utilise them in a closed-skill environment at the very least. * You need to have spatial awareness - and make sure that your shots are accurate - for example, a net shot is a flick of the wrist, just managing to reach over the net, not a shot meant to hit the back line. * You need to have good upper body strength: in order to be able to put the power into shots like the overhead clear, where the power drives the shot to the back of the court. However, you also need to have this strength under control - the net shot is not a powerful shot - just a flick of the wrist. * You need to be aware of the stroke cycle and be able to utilise these four stages in your game. ...read more.


I lack upper body strength, and this makes it difficult to drive shots such as the overhead clear with the power required. Without force, I am giving my opponent the time that they might need to decipher which shot I am playing or intend to play. Further developing the force of my shots would guarantee an improvement in my game: both the overhead clear and the smash would improve - they would become faster, sharper, more effective shots. Suggested methods of improvement on identified strengths or weaknesses In order to improve my general level of skill and performance in badminton; I will focus on the following points: * Footwork * Decision making * Backhand shots (and using a wider variety of shots in a game) * Increasing my upper body strength I think practising and consolidating my learnt skills - i.e. the shots - would benefit my game. My backhand shot is the weakest of each of the shots, and I think that practising this in a closed-skill environment would enable me to be more confident and less focused on the initial shot - but would be able to concentrate the positioning of my feet (am I in the ready position?) ...read more.


Week 2 During the second week, I will devise a circuit which tests my agility and speed of reaction. This will be a closed skill - however, I think it will improve the way I move. The circuit will include things like running in and out of cones, practising some shots etc. This will also help to improve cardiac output. Week 3 In week 3, I will attempt to put my practice to the test and rally in an open-skill fashion with an opponent. We will rally for 20 minutes of the session, and then rehearse the backhand shot. I will both send and receive this shot, and be aware of the positioning of my body and arms. Week 4 I will play short 10-minute games against opponents of different abilities. I will focus on receiving the shots (where are my feet?) as opposed to the accuracy of my own shots (as this has been covered in previous weeks). I will ensure that I follow the stroke cycle - making sure that I 'prepare' and 'recover' correctly. It is important to mention that each week; I will warm up and cool down appropriately. This is vital - the body needs to be well prepared for physical exercise and the heart rate needs to be gradually increased: just as it needs to be decreased and be allowed to return gradually to its normal resting state. ...read more.

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