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The aim of my fitness program is to improve my performance of a sport;

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What is the aim of my fitness program? The aim of my fitness program is to improve my performance of a sport; the sport I have chosen to do it for is Basketball. To improve I need to think about my weaknesses during basketball. I get very tired and find it difficult to play a full game of basketball, so as the game increases I make more errors like ...read more.


This will help me to improve on my weaknesses, for example, I can dribble, and jump better this will also help me when making mistakes, I wont make as many as I usually do. Whilst I plan my fitness program I need to think about SAFETY, the main safety precaution would be with the weights, three main points would be: * Concentrate when lifting, * Lift and release slow, * ...read more.


I will be doing my programme once every week for six weeks, to start with I am going to start of easily and gradually get harder (progression and overload) to reach my target heart rate. To make my programme interesting I will vary the activities in the programme and not just working on the same part of my body over and over again. To measure intensity I will gradually increase the level of difficulty of which I will do my exercises. ...read more.

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