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This is my introduction to my 6 week training my main goals that I with to achieve by doing this program are increase my stamina and speed which will benefit me in a strikers positions in football.

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P.E.P- Training Program Introduction This is my introduction to my 6 week training my main goals that I with to achieve by doing this program are increase my stamina and speed which will benefit me in a strikers positions in football. My name is Chris Cartlidge, I'm 16 years old and my weight is 9 and a half stone. I am designing this training program to improve my overall stamina, which will help me, maintain a good level of performance all way through the full 90 minutes of play. I will also describe training principles , components of fitness and also diet. To find my current level of fitness/ stamina I will have to perform a pre test. The pre test that I will perform to find out my overall fitness level will be the bleep test, this test will give me a level of which my I can perform at. Then I will take a final test after I have done all my session to see if I have improved on my score. After I have done the final test I will compare them to see how much I have improved. ...read more.


around 10 minutes to get changed there and back so I will have around 50 minutes to do all of my activities. How Often: As I explained early I will to my session every Tuesday to Friday for 6 weeks. Th reason behind them being quite fare apart is to let my body recover form the previous activate. How Hard: This is also called progressive overload , which means every session or two increase the amount or "hardest" you have to do. For example I plan to start and an easy 6kmph when work my way up to 15kpm on the final session I do. Awareness of safety: This section is to explain the possible risk which I could encounter during and before exercise. One of the main risk's when performing my sessions is to make sure that the equipment is set up probably and that I know how to use it. Because if I didn't I could end up hurting a myself and not be able to carry on performing the activity or other people if I don't put the equipment away probably. There are also risk to my body if don't pre[are it for exercise , so before every session I do a warm up to prepare my body for exercise, ...read more.


In my training program I intend to increase my overall duration on each of the activities I do and the speed, hardness Progression The training program that I am doing and overload must be increased progressively in order for my body to improve in performance. In other as your body adjust the increase in demand of performance you will have to increase the demand steadily so to increase your fitness. Because if you stay at the Same level all the time the improvements to your fitness will not increase. I have added this element to my training program by increasing the amount time and the hardness of my activities for example increasing the amount of time in on the tread mill and the hardness of the rowing machine for 1 in my early stages to 10 on my final lesson. Reversibility Just as you can improve you can also decrease in ability for example a decrease in training can lead to reverse all the hard work you have done and go back to you normal fitness level. You cannot stop this if you incur an injury in training or become ill. So stop reversibility happening to me I plan to also kept to my schedule which I plan to do every Tuesday and Friday. ...read more.

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