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Asylum seekers.

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People who flee their homes in the face of persecution, or threats to their lives, deserve compassion and support. Unfortunately for those reaching the UK they are all to often greeted with more hostility and treated like criminals. New legislation looks set to make things worse. Asylum seekers are all around us. They eat, breath and function just like us, so why should we kick them out? The dictionary defines "asylum" as a 'protection given by a government to someone who has fled from their own country for political reasons'. Therefore they are only in our country because they want to get away from abusement they suffered in their own country. It's not wrong then for someone to come in our country because they may get a better life, is it? However, survey's have shown that asylum seekers are treated as bad, if not worse in this country, than in their previous one. ...read more.


The report, Missed Opportunities, says that although more than half the women had security of residence with full employment rights, less than a fifth were in work. About 90% wanted to return to their chosen profession. Asylum seekers used to have the right to work after six months from the date of their asylum application, but this was withdrawn in July. Those who applied before July can work, but women dependent on their husbands' applications cannot. Now just imagine what possibilities could arise from putting these people to work, what benefits we could use. And just because of one crappy law, their not allowed. Now the white people amoung this group may think that its only Asian and Africian people are asylum seekers, but there are also lots of white people too. This is a speech from an asylum seeker, who is glad to be in this coutry. ...read more.


I have now got myself a car, a nice T reg Landrover Discovery, not bad for someone who came to Mugland with no money. If this is all too much for the White trash of Mugland to take they can always buggar of to some other country - like Kosovo or Albania and leave us super spongers to take over this place. Ahma Gonna Takova This is what happened when an asylum seeker made something of her life, when she came to England, and with the help of the government, she succeeded. So why do the government want no more asylum seekers. Well it is again because greed. They are too busy paying for material possetions, that they can no longer support these asylum seekers. I have not come here today just to give your mere facts, but to get you to look inside your heart and see what you really feel is right. I just want to leave you with this quote by Albert Einstein : "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity". ...read more.

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