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Position paper on The protection of Forest Depletion

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Committee: United Nations Environmental Programme Topic: Measure to combat forest depletion Country: South Africa Delegate: Quazi Nafiul Islam School: The British School of Kuwait Background information: Most Nations are making a strong step towards industrialization and more economic success. This requires more and more natural resources to be invested into. One such material is wood, which is used as a raw material in many industries such as furniture, chemical and mechanical industry. This hunger for wood causes companies to resort to deforestation, as industry requires a constant supply of this material, the only way to do this is deforestation as it is the only means of a reliable and constant supply of wood. ...read more.


South Africa's View on the topic: South Arica has always been supportive towards a greener future and to 'improve the quality of life'. This is a very important point as South Africa values the importance of a greener tomorrow. South Africa understands that it is the moral thing to do as, the forest depletion to the destruction of animal habitats and also hampers the livelihoods of native. Global warming will melt the polar ice cap and will result in even a greater problem to the world, so we have to do our best to slow it down or if possible prevent it is by reducing carbon emissions, so South Africa supports the measure to combat the depletion of forests. ...read more.


So South Africa thinks that a combined solution is requires, i.e. we need to cut down on wood that is being used as fuel, thus reducing the amount of wood cut down and reducing forest depletion, and to keep balance of the wood used, companies must be made to plant trees on the same areas and the trees have to be the same type, therefore preserving the ecosystem and habitat for the wildlife. The businesses should also employ natives to help them cut down the wood and not completely rely on machinery as this will create new jobs and therefore reduce the unemployment levels, this will also help in the sense that these natives may get a chance to send their children to proper schools where they can be educated with the money they get. ...read more.

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