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Speech on asylum seekers

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Speech I have come to talk to you today about illegal immigration and the affects of this growing problem. There are many problems about trafficking immigrants. One of these is that they die on the way over. They are often hidden behind things like crates or even hidden in things like fridge's or portable toilets. They are mostly crammed together and this leads to suffocation. ...read more.


Our country is becoming over populated and is quite small anyway. If they keep fleeing from their own countries to Britain we will have serious problems. I think they should be allowed asylum but only in major life threatening cases. To employ an illegal immigrant is of course illegal but it can be done very easily, very cheaply, but do not always complete work up to standards. ...read more.


There are people who make fake id's and asylum applications for illegal immigrants. This process can be done quite easily without getting caught. You can look at this in two ways these are that they are doing it to help the illegal immigrants from dieng and that they only do it for the money unfortunately the only do it for the money and mostly get away with it. This concludes my talk on asylum seekers . Thank you all for listening. ...read more.

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