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The media plays an important role in society. What is its role and to what extent is it independent and why is it important to maintain freedom of speech?

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The media plays an important role in society. What is its role and to what extent is it independent and why is it important to maintain freedom of speech? Media is a service which communicates entertainment and/or a message, or opinion to a large audience. Media covers a wide range of uses. These range from entertainment, information, propaganda, influential advertisements and a form of communication. A description of the role played by the media As well as conveying a message or giving entertainment Media is widely used for other purposes. The Media is so vast and complex that it's impossible to sum up what it is in a few words. The Media covers a wide variety of people's interests. Media is a huge consortium of people working together that has an impact on every aspect of our lives. I feel that we need the media specifically to find out news for us, they can find out information much easier than us and often information that we cannot get hold of due to their influential power or large amounts of money. They uncover information that wasn't supposed to be found out, it could be about the government or a local business, but we have a right to know these things - for example David Blunket abusing his position and helping immigrants gain access to the country illegally. So I believe a use of the Media is to keep an eye on people in power on the behalf of people. ...read more.


The tabloids are for a brief read and to entertain for short periods of time. They always have pictures and information exposing someone be it a celebrity or a respected member of a community. Broadsheets are in my own opinion a better read but take much longer due to the vast amount of information to either read/browse through. The front covers are always on the topic of the future. Be it about Global Warming or Financial data, there is always something that interests me truly unlike the tabloids. Generally I find that older and younger people buy tabloids. They do not need to know all the things going on in the world and generally are not as intelligent and wise about what's going on around them. You may think that the media is the only organisation that takes advantage of breaking news to increase sales and popularity. The government uses these 'distractions' to take less emphasis on what they do, they may lower pensions ever so slightly, or raise certain taxes etc. The government is clever but sly. They don't miss a trick! As the saying goes the people in parliament are usually 'Male, Pale and Stale' meaning Male, White and Old. As there are different types of media owned by different organisations publishing different kinds of media, I think that the most useful media is the influential media. People buy money to publish adverts on TV or in magazines, as well as the magazine itself or the paper using its ...read more.


This was foreseen and a limit was put on how much one person could own and this affected their influence on people. For example if one person owned all the media companies in the UK they would be able to print what ever they wanted and when ever they anted, people would not have the right to choose their own preferred magazine, paper or radio station. People would find it harder to develop their own opinions and views without being heavily influenced or most likely totally bias views. They would be subjected to daily bombardment of 1 sided views, this is dangerous because we could be under the affect of Propaganda. Propaganda is spreading mass information what usually only tells one side of the story and what they want the reader to know, Propaganda generally only appeals to peoples emotions and not their intellect and personal views. China is already under the affect of this and is very tightly run by their government, China limits almost every single piece of information entering and leaving their country. Almost all countries available in the world have the use of 'Google' but china had recently banned their website because of the other views on the internet on how countries should be run. Some examples would be that you have to work for equality and that you make the competition to be better than anyone else at what you do. PROPAGANDA! At both sides of the political spectrum there are different governmental parties, different leaders and Communism and Capitalism. ...read more.

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