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What, if any thing, does political culture explain?

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COMPARATIVE POLITICS ESSAY. ESSAY TITLE: What, if any thing, does political culture explain? Political culture is the set of attitudes, beliefs and feelings about politics current in a nation at a given time. For someone whose has absolute no knowledge or interest in politics it simply means individual attitudes and what people think. This political culture has been shaped by the nation's history and by the on going processes of social, economic and political activity. Political culture is passed on through socialisation. This socialisation is to do with the acquiring of knowledge and awareness of political life. It could just as well be acquired by social life or even religious life depending on which country you come from. Other forms of social behaviour can be acquired in different ways. An example of this would be the acquiring of knowledge from family. This sort of knowledge is referred to as liberal perspective. The main reason to what political culture explains is how it affects the conduct of individuals in their political roles, the content of their political demands and their responses to laws. ...read more.


Finally I will look at the individual and how he/she may affect political culture. This simply refers to the role of socialisation again. Is it compulsory to know our right? Well that may be argued. Knowing our rights may affect how we think about our politics. Not knowing certain right may affect certain decisions and influence in the wrong direction. A second major aspect of political culture is the types of culture and its set of orientation towards the political process. There are three main types of culture that a character has Parochial, Subject and Participant. Parochials are those citizens who have little or no awareness of political system. They have no perception of their possible influence or obligation regarding it. This definition can however vary; for example a farmer may take no interest in national politics regarding his country, but may have keen village decisions. The general concept however, draws attention to those citizens whose lives are concerned with non-political events. Parochials are however very rare in economically developed countries. ...read more.


They are still addressed as "Mr President". In other continental European countries they refuse to use English. They are very isolated and their attitudes are very inwards towards learning. And finally another term known as totalitarian means a single leader running the country or state. Ann example of this would be Iran. Sadam Hussian has a 99.9% backing from the public in that country. These sorts of people have a strong emphasis upon ideology particularly on how the people should live their life. The idea of freedom of speech, well all that can be said to that is NO CHANCE! To conclude this essay all I can say that political culture simply explains how a country is ran and what people think about it. Other things it explains is how involved people get into their country politics. As explained earlier on in the essay I feel and the theory is that the more participant orientated cultures there are in a country the higher levels of education and organisation in these nations and in part reflected specific historical and political experiences in these cultures. In most political cultures, naturally, citizen's feel more confidant of their ability to deal with local politics than with national politics. ...read more.

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