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Why vote for Gibo?

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Why vote for Gibo? You have heard their names. You have seen their faces either in the side part of your profile in a social networking site or in a news show in a television and in a daily newspaper magazine. You know what parties they belong to. During campaign, speeches and promises are in the air; issues which anachronistically should not be talked about emerge which are intended for political purpose like character assassination or for detraction of the man's reputation. With all the mudslinging that goes on during campaigns and rallies, creating a political haze in your mind, you don't know how exactly you figure out who is right for you. Voting is a crucial practice which manifests a democratic nation should be given paramount importance considering the plenty of issues that the Philippine politics has been confronted with. It is the role of the next president to eradicate the existing political fixture with a stigma of being corrupt and make specific and well-planned solutions for the country's problems. ...read more.


Family, however, is a factor in the making of a person's character nevertheless situations do not flow in that way. Some other potential factors could affect the person's character. In this paper, I will introduce "Gibo" by nickname as one of the candidates for presidency in this coming 2010 Philippines Presidential Election and why he should be elected as a president. I will offer rational bases that must be taken for when choosing a candidate especially for presidency. Gilbert Eduardo Gerardo "Gilbert"/ "Gibo" Cojuanco Teodoro Jr. is a former secretary of National Defense of the Philippines, having assumed the post in August 2009. From 1987 to 2007, he was a member of the House of Representatives, representing the First District of Tarlac province. Apparently, Gibo has what it takes to be the next president. He has great background in life. Educational achievements are to be considered when choosing a candidate for it indicates how the person is capable of leading a nation and solving the problems which have been present in the country. ...read more.


Gibo has political experiences as mentioned above that he once was a member of the Philippine Congress for ten years and being the Philippine Defense Minester for 2 years. His experiences suffice to say that he can lead a nation and with his good educational background. Gibo is a great man and as we have cited his background it would be unfair to judge him base on what party he represents to. He is different from Gloria and we should not take into consideration of not electing him just because he is the forbearer of the administration. He has a very clear and determined vision for the country. In terms of poverty, he has a very lucid way of alleviating it like his interest about hyper-wage theory to increase buying power and boost the economy. We should understand and realize that a president elected should be someone who can resolve current issues as well as maintain current platforms that are successful. Comparing to other candidates, he has enough experiences and great credentials to solve the problems accosting the country. It's time to choose for the person who can really lead this nation and has the experience to prove it. ...read more.

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