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“Baptism should only be received when one is old enough to confirm one’s faith"

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"Baptism should only be received when one is old enough to confirm one's faith." In the early church, Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist were received together at the Easter Vigil and were referred as sacraments of initiation. They were the rites by which a person came to belong to the Christian community and they were usually received as an adult. Baptists insist that the New Testament associates baptism with a person's own faith in Jesus; and as very small children are not old enough to believe for themselves, baptism should be withheld until the child can make his or her own decision. Baptists or 'believers' believe that: 1) Baptism should only take place when the candidate is old enough to make an intimate decision. 2) Anyone wishing to be baptised must give evidence of having repented and believed. (Acts 2:38-41, Acts 8:35-40) 3) Baptism is the outward sign and witness of Inner faith in Jesus. 4) Immersion is the proper and only mode of Christian baptism ( plunging the whole person beneath the water) . This way it properly symbolises this spiritual death, burial and resurrection to new life. ...read more.


3) It is important to have a 'sense of belonging'. When a child is baptised it becomes a member of the catholic church and is part of a large family or community. 4) The child has the opportunity of growing up in the faith. There is a sense of direction. Being christened at Baptism involves a call to spend our lives trying to become like Christ - a true follower. The sacrament is an assurance that God, who saves us, also gives us his spirit to dwell within us and to teach us how to live. 5) Catholics have to receive baptism in order to receive the sacrament of confirmation and the Eucharist. In the catholic church the parents or guardians supply the faith on behalf of the child, the parents are taking on the responsibility to make sure the child grows up according to the Christian ways, being a follower of Jesus. Likewise, the child can always confirm his or her faith later at the Sacrament of Confirmation. "Baptise first the children; and if they can speak for themselves, let them do so. Otherwise, let their parents or other relatives speak for them." ...read more.


In all these cases, whole households or families were baptised. ( Corinthians 1:6) After considering both infant and adult baptism I will conclude that I am in favour of infant baptism. Jesus himself said that little children can believe in Him and used them as examples of faith. Jesus said that if someone does not have the faith of a child, trusting completely in Jesus alone for salvation, then they would not enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus used a child as an example because they simply believe and do not yet have reasoning abilities which interfere with faith. Jesus loved all children and in early Christian times children were baptised as well as adults to remove original sin. All children need guidance in their lives and I feel that they would have to have a strong faith in their religion to help them grow into a good Christian, baptised at a young age gives the child a sense of direction and involves the child in a Christian community from birth. If baptism was left to when the child was older then in my opinion the person would never be baptised because it would be hard to accept a completely new religion at a late stage. ?? ?? ?? ?? Baptism Part 3 ...read more.

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