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Abortion - a Gift or a Curse To Society?

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ABORTION - A GIFT OR A CURSE TO SOCIETY? To begin with, we need to answer the question: what is abortion? The standard meaning of abortion is the premature expulsion of the foetus from the woman's womb or the operation which causes this. For many centuries, abortion has been frowned upon and was seen as being illegal, however recently in Britain; a law on abortion now exists. Now women can apply for abortions legally. However for a woman to apply for an abortion she must fall into the following categories: firstly; she can apply if the pregnancy will involve fatal risks to herself, the baby, or both, secondly; if the birth of the baby will result in the mental retardation of the mother, thirdly; if there is a greater risk that the pregnant woman or any existing children of the family is put into risk if the baby is born, and finally, the category in which the women who wants to have an abortion has to be classified under is; that there is a high risk that the baby born will suffer from mental retardation, be born abnormally or be seriously handicapped. ...read more.


Adoption can be extremely traumatic for the child and the parent(s) especially if the only reason that the child was taken away was because the parents could not get the financial support needed. However there are other more rational reasons for having abortions. For example, what if the woman was raped? Did the bible not say that a person is born out of love? So if the woman was raped, then where was the love? The people of the world would also find it humane for the woman to have an abortion under such extreme circumstances. However in terms of Christianity, would it be acceptable under the condition of rape that abortion could possibly be considered? After all, don't unwanted pregnancies end up with unwanted children? What about the problem of overpopulation? In several countries, it is illegal to give birth to more than one child as part of a project to slow down the human "population boom". In some countries the birth of another child will result in the confiscation of water supplies, electricity supplies, basic requirements for life to exist, let alone financial support. So would it not be more humane to have an abortion than to live with another mouth to feed with less materials to feed the family with? ...read more.


Every aborted foetus ever, was a potential human being, perhaps a genius, who could contribute to society, for example Jeremiah; he was called upon for God's works before he was even born. However abortion is not just a simple matter of "religious" belief; it is also by human rights, an act of murder, injustice and denial of human rights. The UN Declaration of the Right of the Child states that children need protection not only after the birth but also before the birth. So overall, is abortion a gift or a curse to society? In some ways it is a gift and in others it is a curse. Now women can have more freedom and do not have to face the extreme consequences of rape (for example the birth of a child due to rape). While this would mean getting rid of unwanted children too. Instead of getting rid of unwanted children, we as mankind should improve the quality of life in society and perhaps abortion is not a choice," Making the decision to terminate a pregnancy or to bring a foetus to term is by far the most wrenching experience I've ever had. The right to choose is not a luxury; it is a responsibility that demands intense introspection and awareness." S. Boyd ...read more.

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