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Abortion - gift or a curse?

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Abortion a gift or a curse Abortion is defined as the intentional destruction of a foetus or the inducing of a premature expulsion from the womb to cause its death. Since 1967, if a woman can get two doctors to agree that she is likely to be subject to one of the following she is legally allowed to have an abortion. * Pregnancy will result in risk to the life of the mother * The woman's physical or mental health will be at risk * Existing children will be at risk if the pregnancy is not terminated * The child will be born with a serious mental or physical handicap Abortion is even allowed up to the point of birth, if the mother's life is at serious risk or of the child will be born with severe handicaps. The number of abortions performed in Britain rises steadily every year; between 1971 and 1991 it doubled from 100,000 to 200,000. Opinions about abortion are extremely varied; some people believe abortion is murder that a foetus has life from the moment of conception. They fill that killing it is wrong and should be seen in the same as way as murder. These people call themselves Pro-life campaigners. The other extreme are the Pro-Choice groups. They feel that the mother should have the right to choose whether or not to keep the child growing inside them. ...read more.


Some even so far as to describe it as murder, they say that it is "illegal killing with malice aforethought." It is also planned and so is first-degree murder. It is described as a "crime against humanity." The most extreme of the Pro-Life campaigners even go so far as to kill Doctors who perform the operation on pregnant women. One such person was "James Charles Kopp" who shot Dr Barnett Slepian with a sniper rifle. He ended up on America's most wanted list for three years. Quotes from the bible are used to display God's views on the subject and how the laws should be changed and to support the Pro-Life campaign. For instance Psalm 139:13 "You created every part of me: you put me together in my mother's womb" is used to say that God knows about each pregnancy, each of which is valuable to him. Just the like the Pro-Choice organisations the Pro-Life groups have reasons for what they feel is the right stance to take on this touchy subject. One if theses is about the issue of handicapped foetuses, they feel that if we accept the "murder" of handicapped foetuses then we will soon accept the murder of those handicapped who have already been born. They also feel that termination of handicapped foetuses is wrong because although people who have disabilities would rather not have disabilities this does not mean they would rather be dead. ...read more.


This is a very clear statement against abortion in Christian texts. Probably the most protective of religions is the Roman Catholic Faith. It believes that life begins at the moment of conception. Therefore the utmost care must be taken to protect the life from the moment of conception. Abortion is seen as an abominable crime. Every church and denomination agree that God is the giver of life and is therefore the only being with the right to end it. The thing they disagree on is when the life begins. If the life begins inside the womb then abortion is wrong and if it begins outside then abortion ok it all depends on this one single point. My own opinion My own opinion is that abortion is a gift. I believe that under the right circumstance abortion is the right thing for instance if a young girl gets or the child will be handicapped. I believe that it would not be fair on both the child and its parent(s) in these circumstances. To ask a young girl to go through pregnancy or parents to look a severely handicapped child is unfair and unreasonable. I do how ever disagree with some of the ways abortion is implemented by the law. I feel that the women should be made aware of the consequence of her action. She should talk to other women who have had abortions and find out about the feelings they have of guilt and the other feelings they have so that the woman can make an informed decision. ...read more.

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