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Abortion is a very controversial subject and many people have varied attitudes and opinions on its rights and wrongs.

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Abortion is a very controversial subject and many people have varied attitudes and opinions on its rights and wrongs. It is vital that in society that more and more people become anti-abortion before it is a trend that spirals out of control. Abortion means to end something before it has been made complete. There are two types of abortion, spontaneous abortion and induced abortion. Spontaneous abortion which is naturally occurring and commonly called a miscarriage and on the other hand induced abortion which is when the 'mother' intentionally ends an unplanned pregnancy. Many people use abortion as a type of birth control or contraceptive. Instead of people avoiding pregnancy with the use of contraception women are opting to be irresponsible and solving the consequences with abortion. Why is this happening, why are people using abortion as a type of contraceptive? Furthermore abortion is undoubtedly murder of the cruelest nature. There are several methods for abortion but none of them can be possibly seen as acceptable. ...read more.


Another concern is that abortion has been accepted in today's society. If a born baby was treated in such a matter - scraped to death, vacuumed up, destroyed, murdered and its attacker would in no doubt be arrested and issued a long prison sentence. So I ask you why does this not happen to the 'mothers' of the unborn children? Not only is there no justice done when a baby is aborted it is perfectly legal in many countries all over the world! There is many Impressionable teenagers and women who look up to superstars as role models and these role models such as Madonna who in her relatively recent autobiography admitted to having so many abortions it reached double figures. Myra Hindly is infamous for her part in the moors murders in the 1960's and she was justly given a life sentence but Madonna who has killed her fair share of children is looked up to and adored by many. ...read more.


I totally agree that it is the women's right to have a baby, if she does not want a baby she should use contraception to prevent a baby ever being created. If a woman is prepared to have unprotected sex she should be prepared for the fact her actions may begin a new life. Abortion should not have to exist in this day and age when pregnancy and be easily prevented and if a 'mother' does not want her child would it not be better to have it adopted to a family who would love a child rather than be murdered? A pregnant woman's rights are no greater that an unborn child's but the women has the advantage of speech to make hers heard, something that baby ill never have. It is obvious that abortion is a polite word for murder but yet it goes on every day mostly unopposed and legally. It is of the greatest importance that it stops because who is to say that in years to come that anyone of any age can be legally murdered because people do not want responsibility? ...read more.

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