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Abortion is just legalised murder, why do we allow it to continue?

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F.4 Abortion Kimberlee-Jo Abortion is just legalised murder, why do we allow it to continue? Abortion is the inducing of prematurely delivery in order to destroy offspring. This is the definition from a dictionary, which clearly shows, and states that it is killing and destroying of a life form. The task which I have been set is to discus abortion and to find out why we let it continue. Through out this I am going to state facts, laws and beliefs to prove why it is wrong! When a woman becomes pregnant an embryo is formed which has the potential to go through all the stages of the human life span. If at any point this development is intentionally tampered with and destroyed an abortion has been accured. An abortion is the deliberate destruction of a foetus. When the needle is induced the embryo shies away and tries to kick it and the heart fluctuates faster and it may suffer great pain and distress. When the needle is taken out the death of the unborn child occurs. ...read more.


This happens all the time when a couple have not intended it to happen, so not ready to bring up a child. Other reasons for getting an abortion are if there was not enough finance to look after a baby; didn't know who the father was, the possibility of getting kicked out of home or just simply not being able to cope and that an abortion seems an easy option. Some people say its murder. Others don't, they think that it is just groups of cells which have not yet formed and that the mother should have the right to choose the destiny of her own child. There are many different consequences when it comes to abortion. First of all, the mother can be seriously affected mentally and physically, other children that are born could have awful side affects, like disabilities. This can also have a traumatic effect on the mother having to live and watch the child grow up not having the same abilities as other children. There was an Abortion Act placed in England, Scotland and Wales in the year 1967. ...read more.


This clearly shows that abortion is wrong in the sight of God so it should be wrong in ours too. I think that abortion is just a fancy word for murder. Murder is murder. This cannot be changed. If people are not careful enough they cannot expect to be able to get rid of the child like any piece of dirt. It is a human life, which God has created, and He did not create it for other humans to destroy. So many good and decent people can't have children of their own and some lose them through miscarriages. So why do others kill their own, they should be thankful and appreciate what others cannot have. All life is equal and should not be destroyed. It is God's choice to bring them in and out of this evil world. We should enjoy life and thank God for giving us it to instead of trying to find ways to kill each other. If we all did what was right, unwanted pregnancies would not be an issue; the world would be a much better and safer place for us all, even the unborn! ...read more.

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