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'Abortion is never justified.' How far do you agree?

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'Abortion is never justified.' How far do you agree? This is a difficult question because the topic of abortion has a lot of people involved for different reasons. E.g. doctors dealing with the medical issues, MP's dealing with the legal issues etc. People have different views on this subject and so it depends who you are asking. People who have had an abortion think that it was the best thing to do because of their individual situations and experiences and would disagree. However others would agree, because of their religious beliefs or opinions on when life begins. Catholics would agree with the statement abortion is never justified. They believe that life begins at conception and by having an abortion you are killing another human being that has equal rights to life with its mother. ...read more.


God teaches us that we should love everybody, no matter who they are, and so Catholics believe they have a duty to love these weak, unborn babies, and protect them as they cannot protect themselves. Others would disagree and say that in certain circumstances abortions can be justified. They would argue that because of their difficulties, financially etc, they don't want to bring a child up in a bad life because it wouldn't be fair on them. If people are not married for example, and their family has very strong views about having a baby whilst not married, or the mother doesn't want to be a single parent, then she may want to have an abortion. Or in the worst case, the mother was raped - this is a very difficult pregnancy because some women cannot bring themselves to love a child who is a part of the man who raped her and caused serious emotional damage. ...read more.


If I were put in the situation that I became pregnant after being raped, then it would be very difficult for me to have that child knowing the circumstances and being reminded of that every time I looked at my child, so yes, I would be tempted by abortion, because I do believe that when you have a child it should be with somebody you love. Although I do think it is wrong to have an abortion in cases where people just don't have time to raise a child and say that they can't cope because of work etc, because it is a new life you are talking about. It's a special thing, and you shouldn't just get rid of it because it's an inconvenience, because it isn't the baby's fault. If you get pregnant, you have to accept the responsibilities and duty as a parent, and think of the baby not just yourself. Jodi De Silva 10Ber ...read more.

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