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Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy, known as 'murdering' of the foetus.

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28/3/03 Abortions Amy Fargher There are many different arguments on this subject such as religion, law, guilt and making your own choice. These are just some of the arguments and i will try to cover as much as i can in this essay. Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy, known as 'murdering' of the foetus. There are many theories of the foetus being starved of oxygen, or the womb being filled with a toxic gas, crushed up, and extracted from the womb. This is all very well, but remember, this foetus will be less than twenty-four weeks old and is not able to feel pain anyway. If the foetus was brought into the world unwanted, unloved and entering into a life of torture, is this not where the pain comes in? Is it not better that the child had passed away painlessly as an embryo in the mother's womb, rather than having a life of torture? The religious views on abortion are very mixed. No religions support abortion but some allow it. The Church of England and the Church of Scotland teach that abortion is wrong except in extreme circumstances such as serious risk to the mother's health and life. ...read more.


Many young girls get abortions if they dont feel that they are ready to be parents and that they have things like school to worry about. Many women get abortions simply because a baby is inconvenient or they might not have the money to support a baby. The catholic church has always been against any form of contraception but I think it feels very strongly towards abortion. Its main view is that all human life is sacred, even the baby in the womb. Of course, not all abortions take place due to the welfare of the child's life when it leaves the mother's womb. I do not agree with the pregnancy being terminated because of the sex of the child. I do not see that as being a valid reason. If you are thinking that there are no valid reasons for abortion, just imagine a fourteen year old girl who has been raped. How can she be expected to get on with her life and ever recover if she has a baby? How can she receive a full education? ...read more.


The Church of England and the Church of Scotland argue that abortion is wrong because it does not give the foetus a chance to live but there are extreme circumstances i.e. when the mother is in danger for her life, that abortion is acceptable. Judaism and Hinduism teach that life begins at conception, so abortion is discouraged except when the mother's life is at risk. Islam teaches that life begins at the moment of birth, but abortion is discouraged except when the mother's life is at risk, and sometimes rape. The Free Churches (Baptist, Methodist, and Evangelical) hold that abortion is a matter for the individual to decide. However woman from all religions continue to seek abortions. Many peoples attitude towards abortion differs from their religious leaders and believe that individuals have the right to follow their own consciences. If women are to enjoy a healthy life and to offer the same to any children they have, they need to be able to have control over their reproductive lives. Not all women are able to use contraceptives effectively at all times. Surely a request for an abortion is a responsible decision when faced with the prospect of a child that she is not able to love for or care for? ...read more.

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