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Abortion, the contention: A Christian could never agree to having an abortion is difficult to find a definitive, clear-cut answer.

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Abortion is a very controversial topic that creates a lot of arguments, with a very fine line splitting those for or against. This is why the contention: "A Christian could never agree to having an abortion" is difficult to find a definitive, clear-cut answer towards. First and foremost, a Christian should follow the Bible and its teachings. This will heavily influence his/hear decision on getting an abortion. We must explore the matter of the foetus itself. The debate about what the foetus essentially is rages on: a foetus, a bunch of living tissues, a baby, an unborn child, or a human being... which one is it? This is vital need-to-know information for a Christian. The foetus already has all the genetic material (DNA) from its mother and father, meaning that it has all the potential to be a human being (an independent physiological existence of the homo sapien species). It is the product of human nature, so it cannot be denied that terminating the foetus would also be terminating its chance to have life outside of its mother's womb would be permanently destroyed. If foetuses are not human beings at all, however, then why is it that names are often given to the foetuses by its parent(s)? ...read more.


The possibility of creating a child is always there when one chooses to engage in sexual intercourse - it never isn't, as the whole process is intended for procreation/reproduction. It is up to the person(s) to make that choice and thus enable the possibility of creating a child. The consequences cannot be blamed on this or that, as at the end of the day the person(s) made the choice to have sex. Nevertheless, it can be argued that there are many instances wherein a Christian could agree to abortion - that it depends on the situation. There are cases such as rape, for example, which can lead to unwanted pregnancies. These pregnancies would not be the fault of the victims as they had no choice in the matter. The victims give no consent. So, can a Christian agree to having an abortion is this case? Well, justified killing is permitted in the Bible are clearly stated, as follows: consequences for crime (1 Kings 2:13-46), in warfare (Deuteronomy 20:10-18) and self defence (Matthew Henry's Commentary on Exodus 22, described in the Torah). In cases of rape, the foetus/unborn baby would be the consequence of a crime and an abortion could be seen as an act of self-defence towards the victim. ...read more.


People who support the right for woman to have this choice are considered "pro-choice", not "pro-abortion", for a reason. A Christian should respect a woman's decision to abort or not. As the Bible states in Luke 6: 37 (new living translation 2007): "Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you. Forgive others, and you will be forgiven." So, what would a Christian say and why? In Christianity, particularly, there are many denominations (sub-groups, one could say) splitting it. Each denomination as a whole will have their own views, opinions and interpretations of ethics; some may be large differences, others may be smaller, but at the end of the day it is these differences that make ethics very challenging to process... especially when it comes to things like abortion. The Bible does not state in particular whether or not abortion is a sin; however, it makes plenty of allusions to it that are open to interpretation. Unless you generalise, there is no one motion all Christians will say. Not all Christians will believe the same thing. Thus, it all depends on the Christian their self and what they believe, what they've been taught to believe, what they feel they should believe. It's all down to the conscience and free will given by God to think, choose and make decisions. ...read more.

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