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Abortion: The expulsion of the foetus from the womb prematurely, intentionally killing the baby.

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Abortion: The expulsion of the foetus from the womb prematurely, intentionally killing the baby. Ever since the first spark of life came to be on this planet, billions of years ago, after the dawn of all time up until the present day; every creature that has ever drawn a breath, respects the miracle that is life. Something that is universal is the knowledge that all life is sacred. This is evident in some of the earliest references, and in particular, one of the most studied references, The Bible. Again and again the same ideas pop up. The fifth commandment-"Thou shalt not kill", in the sermon on the mount-"you shall not kill", the Catholic declaration-"human life is sacred"... no one, under any circumstances, should be able to claim for himself the right to directly destroy any human being against their will. There is a lot we can learn from other cultures on this, whose belief usually contains a "life is sacred" reference. The native Indians believed that all life was connected and understood that all life is sacred. It seems that whatever, religion, culture or race, that life, in whatever form it takes is beautiful and sacred and should not be taken or thrown away lightly. ...read more.


Most feminists believe that a woman is free to make her own choice because it is her body and she is the host. In many cases it may seem like it is in both the child's and the mother's best interests for the abortion to take place. There is of course another, equally valid side to this argument. Humanists believe that "every child has the right to be a wanted child..." and that "...it is better to abort a child than to bring it up when it is unwanted or will have a poor quality of life". Also, that "abortion saves thousands of children from unwanted, miserable lives". For the Pro-Choice campaigners (these are people who believe a woman should be allowed to choose to have an abortion, whatever the circumstances), incidents involving more radical members of the American organisation, Pro-Life fuelled their argument. The incidents I am referring to involved these members of Pro-Life waiting outside an abortion clinic until it closed. They then followed one of the doctors there to his car and shot him. When they were questioned by police, they said he was a murderer. If the doctor was a murderer because he 'killed' an unborn child, wasn't the campaigner who pulled the trigger? ...read more.


There are extremes to this argument, the Catholic Churches unchanging view on God's control over our lives, the atheist who believes there is no God and that our conscience is the only controlling factor and the belief in predetermination that what will happen will happen. It is the church's' belief that by committing murder or suicide, that a person not only violates the natural order of things, but goes against the will of our creator, God. In a sharp contrast however, it is possible that since God knows everything and that our lives are part of his great plan, that taking a life or lives in some way might also be part of this plan. So from this point of view it could be considered that all death is God's intention in one way or another. As we can see, the arguments for and against abortion are not simple, we have to take many things into consideration before we make any kind of judgement upon it. Although many people are generally against abortion (seeing it as against the sanctity of life) they will accept it in certain circumstances such as if the mother's or child;s health is at risk or if the mother is too young to cope with a child. Lindsey Alcock Candidate Number: 8001 Centre Number: 42119 ...read more.

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