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All by Myself - Night by Ellie Wiesel

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Kris Scheller Adv. Comp. 2/15/01 Literary Analysis All by Myself In the novel Night, an autobiography by Elie Wiesel, he tells how the horrific encounters during the battle for survival effects a person. These encounters are enough to drive anyone to death, but not everyone has the heart of Elie Wiesel. The actions of fellow inmates, guards, and family members are enough to negatively affect Elie. The gloomy conditions of the camps and the bland surroundings can only assist in the destruction of his life. Just stripping someone from their home or family can change anyone dramatically. Taking Elie from his home started the beginning of his road to misery. ...read more.


Seeing adult men hit her to the brink of death only terrified Elie even more. Birkenau became a place full of uncertainties for Elie. Would this become the place where he last saw his family? Could this become the place where he saw his father suffer until his death? No one knew what fate would become of them. Elie tried not to let the actions of others get the best of him. When Elie and his father traveled on the train, Elie tried his hardest to protect his father. He saw how one kid killed his father over a little crumb of bread. Elie could never imagine himself doing this to his father. ...read more.


Elie later found himself looking for his father at Buchenwald. "Don't let me find him! If only I could get rid of this dead weight, so that I could use all my strength to struggle for my own survival, and only worry about myself" (101). The words he thought he would never say just came out of his mouth After his father's death, nothing could touch Elie anymore. He spent his days in total idleness. Only eating appealed to him. He no longer thought of his father or mother. Clearly, this long battle with survival got the best of him. The constant moving from camp to camp, the long days with little food, and the environment around him forced Elie to act as if he were tired of going on with his meaningless life. He was forced to care only about the well being of himself. ...read more.

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