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"All worship is a waste of time because people cannot be sure that God exists" - Do I agree? I need to give reasons to support my answer which show that I have thought about different points of view - I must refer to Christianity and Judaism.

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Task 3: Question 3 - "All worship is a waste of time because people cannot be sure that God exists." - Do I agree? I need to give reasons to support my answer which show that I have thought about different points of view. I must refer to Christianity and Judaism: Why do people worship? People worship, because of a sense of grieve and emotion in life, this emotion however make the mind more sensitive. A lot of people have a sub constant thoughts of life and emotion, however this emotion extends the minds feelings and take in more charm, then this charm evolves to maturity and understanding, when people understand belief they also understand religion in away, a lot of people think, while they think, they think of what is right or wrong. A lot of people have different minds, the people who worship go through a busy time but still evolve with the brain. Meaning a lot of people work, cook, clean, study and worship at the same day while having time to think about themselves. ...read more.


The way people benefit from worship is giving something back to their faith. The way the people benefit from worship is a life of dreams. People don't want to tolerate a hard life so the dedicate themselves to a religion that will sort their life out. They benefit from worship is freedom and wealth, people want something back from faith and faith want something back from them. Islam: In Islam, muslims benefit from worshipping by having a peaceful easy life, all muslims want to go heaven after the day of judgement and after fulfilling their worship. If they fulfil their devotion to Islam, they will be in bliss and live in paradise. Muslims benefit from worshipping having a chance in heaven at the after life. How might a community benefit from worship? If a community fulfil their faiths laws, together they will be blessed and praised from God, as a community meaning a lot of people together accomplish together widely, then they are attracting bigger communities further away, expanding more religious beliefs. ...read more.


The study of spirituality goes deeply into the heart of every matter and extends far beyond the physical world of matter. Spirituality connects you with the profoundly powerful and divine force that's present in this universe. Whether you're looking for worldly success, inner peace, or supreme enlightenment, no knowledge can propel you to achieve your goals and provide as effective a plan for living as does spiritual knowledge. Religion is most often used to describe an organized group or culture that has generally been sparked by the fire of a spiritual or divine soul. Religions usually act with a mission and intention of presenting specific teachings and doctrines while nurturing and propagating a particular way of life. Examples of Spirituality is: � Looking beyond outer appearances to the deeper significance and soul of everything � Love and respect for God � Love and respect for yourself � Love and respect for everybody * Beyond all religions yet containing all religions * Beyond all science yet containing all science * Beyond all philosophy yet containing all philosophy Saeed Ahmed 10JT 20th July 2003 ...read more.

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