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AO3 RE skill

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Skill A03: evaluation 'To be married to the same person for the whole of your life is too difficult for many people today. The church should be willing to drop this vow.' Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer and show that you have considered more than one point of view. Refer to Christianity in your answer. The question for this statement is, do you think people should stay married for the rest of their lives, no matter what? The vow this question has mentioned in this statement is the vow, 'Till death do us part'. My first impression is that this statement has covered the difficulties of being in a marriage but may be not the loving perspective of a marriage. ...read more.


Other denominations like Protestants and Catholics accept that these situations can unfortunately lead to a divorce. If a man and a woman got married at a young age, and they didn't realise what the full commitments and their true meanings were, they can grow more apart as they start to really discover the true meaning of the vows they have taken. Everybody from when they blissfully agree to gat married should and usually propose to keep the vows, but, if things go wrong, they should not be punished as they have done their up most best to keep the relationship together. ...read more.


If this vow is removed, then you take away the meaning of a marriage. You start to add conditions to a marriage, so things are not kept simple and the church can become identical to another. The church feel that people get married to easily today as they do not think about the real consequences and promises made in a marriage. The church is willing to offer support and advice to the promises of a marriage. Overall, I believe the church should keep the vow but be less harsh when saying that there are no acceptions for a divorce to occur between two people. For example, physical and sexual abuse, after being given support by the church, should be given acceptance for a divorce. 535 words ?? ?? ?? ?? James Newell ...read more.

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